Top Bikes Types That You Should Know

Road Bikes

Road bikes are good for many activities, including competitions, training, cycling and commuting. They often have light, drop-shaped handlebars that force the rider to bend over and adopt a more aerodynamic saddle posture – great for those who want to go faster.

The drop handlebar also offers a wider range of possible footprints , but it can be bad for those who are less flexible or suffer from back pain as it demands more of the muscles in the area.

Mountain Bikes

Known for being sturdy bikes, mountain bikes often feature shock-absorbing features and sophisticated braking systems to ride smoothly over dirt, mud, roots and rocks.

They also tend to have light relations, so that the climbs of the trails are not much suffered, and geometry that facilitates climbs, descents and sudden changes of direction .

Electric Bikes

The electric bikes are seen as a great alternative for urban motorized transport, for allowing larger displacements via bicycle to those who do not have the physical conditioning (or will) need to ride long distances.

The right electric bike can take you further than you would go on a manual bike, and keep you comfortable during the road you want to go. Most of the way, and it helps you get through the hardest.

Hybrid Bikes

It is often used to cycle around the city, and is characterized by mounting an intermediate stiffness frame and somewhat thinner wheels than those of a mountain bike .

Many complement them with luggage racks and fenders, very useful when you want to transport thingsThe rest of the attachments vary greatly depending on their use

There are those who prefer a straight handlebar and those who ride it curved, there are those who cannot live without their automatic pedals and who opt for the conventional ones to be able to assemble and disassemble with greater comfort …

Cruiser Bikes

These bicycles retain the flavor of the mythical 1950s. Robust, with thick wheels, with luggage rack, headlights, wide saddle and retro design, they are indicated for the quiet ride or for pedaling towards the weekend picnic.

In recent times, the fashion of vintage-scented bikes has made them fashionable again.

BMX Bikes

The bicycles for urban stunts usually have only one sprocket and in many cases it is fixed, that is, as long as the rear wheel advances the pedals will always move.

They are used in urban environments to overcome obstacles and enjoy doing tricks and strange postures.

Fixed Gear Bikes

The fixed , fixed or fixed- gear bicycle is a monomarcha bicycle, which has no freewheel, which means that it has no neutral; that is, the pedals are always in motion when the bicycle is running.

This means that you cannot stop pedaling, since, while the rear wheel rotates, the chain and the pedals will always rotate in solidarity. For this reason, it can be stopped by making a reverse force to the direction of travel, and also reverse.

Indoor Bikes

Indoor cycling is a specific style of stationary cycling that uses a specialized bicycle designed to mimic the experience of riding an outdoor bicycle.

Gyms across the country did not take long to present their own classes to their members and, as always with fitness trends, the exercise came to life.

Today’s indoor cycling training ranges from group classes in gyms and specialized cycling studios, to solo rides at home or in the cardio room.

Folding Bikes

The folding bicycle, whose first history dates back to the end of the 19th century, incorporates a series of hinges or elbows in the frame that allow it to be easily folded so that they occupy a smaller space .

Thanks to this characteristic, this typology favors and greatly its transport: you can take it anywhere!