You’ll find that cruiser bikes are a great choice for any woman who likes to ride in style. You may be wondering what makes these cruisers different from others, and the best way to explain this is by defining what a cruiser bike looks like. First off, you will notice that they have an upright riding position, which means your back will stay straight when you’re on them. They also have wider tires than other types of bikes; making it easier for riders to maintain balance at slower speeds. These two features make them perfect for anyone who has trouble with their mobility or balance due to age or injury. Cruisers are also known as beach bikes because they can handle sand easily without getting stuck or bogged down in the sand.

Choosing the best cruiser bike for women can be a difficult process. There are many factors to consider such as weight, height, and inseam length. We have compiled a list of some of the best bikes on the market that will suit any woman’s needs. Whether you are looking for something low maintenance like a beach cruiser or want to get serious about biking with speed and performance, we have it all right here!

What Are the Best Cruiser Bikes for Women?

We thoroughly chose these bikes due to the fact that not only are they fashionable however they’re also extremely reliable and reasonably light-weight.

Without further ado, below are our choices of the most effective cruiser bikes for women. May you pick sensibly.

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's 7-Speed Step-Through Hybrid...

The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s 26-Inch 7-Speed Step is a device with the capacity to go across via various sorts of terrain, including long-distance rides, uphill as well as level pavements.

It includes a Shimano 7-speed inner center and pedals that are made to ensure appropriate leg expansion. This means you’ll delight in correct stance as well as don’t need to stress over pain in the back when riding this cruiser.

It’s primarily built from quality light weight aluminum, a long lasting as well as durable material, as well as a top of the line equipment system which is equally as solid. However, it could begin rusting if you have a tendency to go across through salty roadways and harsh surfaces at all times. Or else, it needs to last you for years to come.


  • Has an elegant and stylish look
  • Made from durable aluminum with chrome detailing
  • Designed for proper back support
  • Comes with comfy seating


  • Some beginners might find it difficult to switch gears efficiently
  • It’s quite heavy-duty

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Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle (24-Inch, 26-Inch,...

Travelling to the food store in a cruiser bike is no longer taken into consideration a male task. That’s since these bikes have the same utility no matter what your sex is, plus, they’re very fun to use.

The Firmstrong brand is just one of one of the most thoughtful when it involves making cruisers for females. They definitely recognize what they’re doing in that regard.

This is the utmost coastline cruiser bike for ladies because it’s extremely easy to use and also exceptionally comfy to ride. The Firmstrong Urban Lady Coastline Cruiser Bicycle is also perfect for beginners as well as seasoned customers alike, as it features properly designed safety functions.

We would certainly be remiss and also exactly how classy and trendy it looks. It’s available in different shades so you don’t have to sacrifice design for function here girls.

Other honorable mentions in terms of functions include a triple-speed option, a lightweight double wheel layout and an additional saddle to give added convenience. And also, it’s backed by a life time guarantee.


  • It’s easy on the eye
  • Comes in different types of colors
  • Suitable for both beginners and seasoned bikers
  • It can be used in different types of terrain
  • Super comfortable to use


  • You have to assemble it yourself
  • No fenders included
  • It’s pretty heavy

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sixthreezero Around The Block Women's Single-Speed Beach Cruiser...

Although costly, this women’s cruiser bike from Sixthreezero is yet one more excellent creation from the brand name. It’s developed for safety and security as well as ease which indicates it’s excellent for users of all experience degrees.

It includes 7 speeds and also 26-inch wheels. In addition to the distinct step-through layout, it features an attached device dock which is an initially in the industry and also makes it a very comfortable equipment to ride in. The framework is developed to prevent neck and back pain by approximately 80% when contrasted to regular tan bikes.

This seven-speed bike utilizes a forward pedaling system to thrust you forward faster by enabling your legs to extend additionally. Both the tire structure and also its spokes are constructed from light weight aluminum and steel. The tires themselves are made from treated rubber, making it optimal for use on beaches, nation tracks, and similar terrain.

The shocks and seats are synchronized and also created to share the tons which makes for a smooth flight regardless of what surface you find yourself in.


  • Allows for a vertical riding style
  • It has a curvy and elegant design that’s perfect for the female form
  • It comes in several different colors for you to choose from
  • Available in various speeds, with the single-speed being preferred for flat ground


  • Single-speed is great for smooth and soft ground
  • It can be quite frustrating to assemble

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Firmstrong Bella Women's Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong is understood for creating the best cruiser bikes for women as well as it doesn’t dissatisfy with this version. It features 26-inch wheels and comes in a selection of lovely pastel shades with good flower made and matching wheels that are painted to match the back and front fenders.

As if every one of this style modification wasn’t sufficient, this females’s bike cruiser comes 80% put together which indicates you will not invest more than a couple of minutes installing it prior to you take it on the road.

Besides the eye-catching design, this cruiser sporting activities a single-speed efficiency that can go from 3 to 15 MPH, and also it has the capability to undergo any type of surface. This makes it excellent for city slickers and country bumpkins alike. It’s rather charitable and also can fit a height of 5 to 6 inches, as well as it has a simple style that’s easy to operate.

The dual-density pedals guarantee a smooth trip and the holds are ergonomically developed to make certain simple maneuvering. It deserves keeping in mind that the traditional steel frame includes wide-sweep steel cruiser handlebars which are constructed to help with convenience as well as efficiency when traveling at faster speeds, while the whitewall tires and rear coaster brakes have shock-absorbing top qualities for a smooth ride.


  • Available in various designs and colors
  • Lightweight enough to ensure portability
  • You can easily change from one speed to the next
  • Solidly built from high-quality materials


  • Beginners might find it difficult to understand the assembly installations
  • There are no hand brakes so you have to be super careful when riding it

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Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Cruiser Bike, Featuring Retro-Styled...

The Schwinn females’s cruisers feature numerous different accessories as well as functions which permit amazing modification.

It’s particularly made for ladies with attentively engineered frameworks, provider, and also tires. Your back will thank you for the upright sitting position which is sustained by alloy edges and also pitch-black spokes. The colors include purple and also lotion.

This is an extremely elaborately made bike. The back has a carriage port while the front consists of a practical drink basket. Other devices consist of a cord basket and also a thrasher component that can be found in pink and also purple.

The leather saddle is packed with comfortable foam as well as shock-absorbing back springtimes. The alloy layered spokes are fairly long lasting and also heavyweight which indicates they won’t flex regardless of the number of times they obtain hit. The fenders as well as the rear freight rack give further assistance.


  • The frame is made from sturdy materials and features a retro design
  • The brake system is made according to a coaster style
  • Allows you to enjoy a smooth ride for longer
  • The securely built exterior is designed to provide optimal comfort


  • There’s a weight limit which you must consider before you try it
  • The derailer might present some problems down the road

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sixthreezero Women's Beach Cruiser Bicycle, 26" Wheels/17 Frame,...

The Sixthreezero ladies’s beach cruiser with equipments is all type of innovative. This is a mean bike with a classy style as well as it brings you the most effective of both worlds. If you live near the beach, then you’ll want to invest in one of these to obtain the most out of your atmosphere.

This is a single-speed bike which is exceptionally easy to use, as well as it’s versatile sufficient to drive to school, around your house if you have a huge yard, or to the beach and also the local park. You certainly won’t need to worry about the traffic congestion when running among these.

We also like its elaborate style as well as you can inform that it’s made from remarkable products. It’s created from tough steel which isn’t simply sturdy yet comfy also. This is a durable model with huge 26-inch wheels that’ll aid you increase the rate a lot more.


  • Offers several different speed settings
  • It’s available in different colors
  • Comfortable for riders of a height of 5 feet 4 inches
  • Balloon tires make this an even more comfortable bike


  • The pedals may not be practical for some people
  • It has more of a middle-grade hard gear that can be difficult for some

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Schwinn Mikko & Huron Adult Beach Cruiser Bike, Featuring Steel...

The Schwinn Mikko Women’s Cruiser features a lightweight frame and a simple design. This is a first-class bike that makes for effortless maneuvering in any terrain. It’s also extremely stylish and you won’t hesitate to take it out for a ride, whether you’re going to buy food or to the beach.

It’s supported by a large 17-inch steel frame which makes it easy to get on and off whether you’re sporting a pair of jeans or a short skirt.

This is in addition to similarly swept-back handlebars that are complimented by rubber grips which are made according to ergonomic design principles. This makes it easy for you to ride the bike in an upright position comfortably.

At 17 inches, the steel frame adds to the strength and durability of this bike but it also adds to its weight, making it a heavy-duty machine that might be difficult to handle. It has a shipping weight of 52.5 pounds and a carrying capacity of 300 pounds.


  • Durable and strong
  • Comes with coaster brakes that get the job done
  • Features heavy-duty alloy wheels
  • Comes with fenders on the front and back


  • The single-speed gear system isn’t particularly great for off-road applications
  • Inexperienced users might struggle with the coaster brakes

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Schwinn Perla Womens Beach Cruiser Bike, 18-Inch Step Through...

We have a great deal of good things to claim regarding this bike and you’ll soon recognize why it made it to this listing of the best cruiser bikes for women.

Like most Schwinn bikes, it’s made from top notch products including strong Shimano equipments as well as a step-through steel structure. This remains in enhancement to a properly designed chain guard, fenders and rear rack for your ease.

To make sure safety, this cruiser has brakes on the back and also front, with the only drawback being that the brakes, cables, and equipment aren’t directed the method they could be. Consequently, there’s an untidy aim to it.

Nonetheless, this bike retrieves itself by using a tidy look without undesirable devices like bells, baskets, stands, and also reflectors. Yet, a bell and basket are offered independently should you be interested, however you can equally as well enjoy your bike as it is with its nice as well as easy style.

This is an incredibly well-crafted bike that supplies great worth for money as well as you won’t find anything near it in regards to quality, function, and also design for a great price.


  • Made from solid components
  • Affordable
  • Features a durable steel frame
  • Comes with an included bike rack


  • The cables are untidy
  • The seat should be shifted back a bit

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How to Choose the Best Cruiser Bikes for Women

After experiencing our listing of the very best cruiser bikes for women you’ll probably feel thrilled to pick your preferred one.

However, you may wish to check out this shortlist of essential indicate think about in order to make sure that you make the perfect selection for your requirements and choices.


Many cruiser bikes or road bikes are created from steel frames which makes them quite hefty as well as difficult to operate. They’re easy to use as well as use far better security when you need it the most.

However, the boosted need for females cruiser bikes suggests that most models are being manufactured from low-cost light weight aluminum frames.

Although cruiser bikes are primarily used for brief range taking a trip, they should still be made from quality products like folding bikes for women are done.

Handlebar and Pedals

Cruisers have actually better set handlebars as well as pedals when compared to regular bikes.

Shimano pedals are what make it feasible for them to preserve an upright placement as well as shield your back. It creates a smoother, pressure-free ride.


A great deal of cruiser bikes run with a coaster brake which isn’t very effective. That’s due to the fact that they can be fairly hazardous when you’re attempting to ride down a hill or on a sandy beach.

Actually, if you’re going to mainly go across through flat terrain after that this shouldn’t be a trouble for you however you may want to get a hand brake bike if you plan to traverse with level terrain.

If you’re shopping on a budget, after that you should go with edge brakes and even better, disc brakes which provide far better control over wet and also hilly problems. But, they’re pricier than rollercoaster and rim brakes.


Cruiser bike tires are often described as balloon tires since they’re wider than regular bike tires.

This does not indicate that they’re modest, and that they’ll penetrate conveniently since they’re actually thicker than routine traveler bike tires and do not conveniently obtain level. The excellent feature of these tires is that they are made for usage in rough terrain such as sandy beaches.


Comfortable riding with a convenience bike for females is very vital, specifically if you value your back. Cruiser bikes are created with broad backs that are made with springtimes and saddles.

They imitate careless armchairs that make it very easy to delight in a smooth flight whatever bike seatpost you have or just how rough the road gets.

Electronic Assist

Electronic aid is a should if you plan on utilizing your bike to zoom around town more than once a week.

These are normally called “e-bikes” because they come with an electric motor that allows you to travel faster uphill. Although they cost even more, they’re really valuable for the sake of security as well as benefit.


The marketplace is awash with single-speed bikes. This suggests that they run making use of a single equipment that makes it an excellent remedy for anybody who wants to stay clear of the expenditure as well as upkeep of a multi-speed system.

Yet, you will certainly require several gears if you intend to go across via uneven terrain. Besides, you only require a couple of equipments anyhow.


Unlike the typical bike, cruiser bikes are much heavier as well as this can be a challenge for tiny females.

But, this weight shouldn’t be much of a problem if you’re going across on flat ground as well as brief ranges. However, if you plan to go across with sand as well as hilly surface, after that you ought to make it an indicate pick a light-weight bike.

This is especially essential if you’re an expecting woman that intends to go on a trip with your bike in your area.


A solid high quality cruiser bike typically costs concerning $300 to $500, however you can constantly discover cheaper models at big box stores like Walmart.

Yet, less expensive bikes are typically larger considering concerning 50 extra pounds or even more as well as are inexpensively made from components that damage easily. So yes, you do obtain what you pay for.


Cruiser bikes generally come with accessories like front baskets, rear racks, and also fenders. Yet, some even enable you to personalize additionally with a parrot, bike bag, phone holder, a mug holder, and even a bell.

One of the most valuable of these devices are definitely the rear shelf and also fenders. Or else, it’s best to maintain your bike as basic as feasible, and get LED bike wheel lights to make sure comfy and risk-free riding in reduced light conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference in between women’s cruiser bikes as well as other bikes?
A great deal of people don’t know this yet cruiser bikes are the foundation of various other sorts of bikes. This means that all the different types of bikes you see are in fact motivated by the cruiser consisting of comfort, mountain, as well as crossbreed bikes. Yet, cruisers are the just one which contain an easy style.

Are cruiser bikes in fact fast?
Not really. You see, cruiser bikes are produced easy riding so they don’t really offer thrilling rates. Essentially, you must expect a speed of between 3 to 15 miles per hour. An electric bike will certainly take that speed a little greater but it’s never ever mosting likely to be as quick as a mountain bicycle or anything like that.

What to choose in between a single-speed as well as multi-speed bike?
The simple layout of a single-speed cruiser is often preferred yet if you feel you require the included gears, then that depends on you. It deserves keeping in mind that pure single-speed cruisers appropriate for level surface while irregular surface and long-distance riding are simplified by multi-speed models.

Why are men cruiser bikes different from ladies’s bikes?
The distinction in between males and females’s cruiser bikes remains in layout and size. Male’s bikes are deliberately larger as well as run horizontally, and have masculine graphics and color design. Female’s cruiser bikes, on the other hand, are smaller as well as be available in brighter shades with a skinny frame and also a step-through design.


The perfect cruiser bike is out there, you just have to find it. There are a few things that you need to consider before purchasing your new ride and we’ve outlined them below so that the process goes smoothly. Make sure to plan ahead! We hope this helps in your search for the best cruiser bikes for women. Here’s what we know about these types of bicycles: they’re designed with an upright sitting position and wide handlebars which makes riding more comfortable; cruisers often come equipped with balloon tires or other wider type wheels which provide extra stability on any terrain; many models also feature fenders because they keep water off the rider while providing protection from road spray; some riders may prefer using coaster brakes