Fixed are simple bicycles that are characterized by using a best fixed gear bikes, hence their name. These types of bicycles are especially efficient in cities with few slopes and being simple machines require less maintenance than other bicycles.

The fixed sprocket is not something new, prior to the appearance of the derailleurs, all racing bikes were single speed and the fixed sprockets were the favorite for velodrome races. They were so popular that in 1876 Madison Square Garden was built to house a track of these.

In more recent years, these types of bicycles were the favorite choice of bicenters, mainly in the US, who preferred them for their convenience. Being so simple they did not require much maintenance and did not attract the attention of thieves.

Today the fixie bicycle has become a fundamental part of a subculture and one could say that it is one of the icons of urban cycling.Without losing its simplicity it is now accompanied by accessories, paint and other elements that really personalize and highlights the natural aesthetics of the bicycle .

The Top Best Fixed Gear Bikes recommended for you in 2023

After an extensive research, evaluation and also testing, I have actually offered you with a list of leading 5 top quality fixie bikes you need to take into consideration acquiring.

Pure Fix Premium Fixed Gear Single Speed Bicycle

The Pure Fix premium solitary rate bike is an outstanding remedy that will certainly transform your riding. It originates from a top brand name on the market that uses motorcyclists with elegant and also durable fixed equipment bikes.

It features a dual butted Chromoly framework that makes it quicker, lighter and also stiffer.

With the included flip-flop center, you can get the versatility you require when riding it set or freewheel. If you select to ride repaired, after that you can get a better feeling as well as boosted pedal stroke. When riding freewheel, you get the chance to cruise ship and cost. If you like riding without pedaling, then you will certainly love the hub.

Despite the choice you select, the consisted of criterion front brake will offer you with more quiting power. This fixie bike is developed with covered went down handlebars that supply you a more wind resistant riding position. Benches work well particularly if you are looking for speed.

We can not neglect to discuss the deep dish tires that provide unmatched rate and also comfort. Furthermore, the tires supply a level defense when riding in urban atmospheres. Specialist assembly is needed but if you have an on-line overview, then it will be simple to assemble.

Important Features:

  • Deep dish tires
  • Flip-flop rear wheel
  • Chromoly frame
  • Pre-wrapped drop bars

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike

If you are into urban riding, the 6KU Light Weight Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie is the right bike for you. As a matter of fact, this is a bike that is made to suit all personalities.

The bike comes in 10 different colorways so you can be sure to obtain something that will certainly match your demands.

Cyclists who need a strong as well as light-weight fixie bike will certainly value this design. It is made with riser bars that supply quick navigation on different terrains. Whether you are utilizing it for commuting, leisure riding or as a day-to-day means of transport, you will obtain the most effective from the bike.

The best facet I like concerning the bike is its lightweight style. It is created with a 6061 light weight aluminum that includes smooth to touch welds. It also has an alloy fork so you can be sure on smooth trips constantly. The bike is likewise made with a flip-flop hub that uses an exemplary efficiency when you are riding freewheel or taken care of gear.

Because it is not made to provide rate, it fulfills the demands of a lot of motorcyclists. When it pertains to stopping power, the front and rear brakes give dependable braking without utilizing way too much effort. The brakes are detachable so if they obtain harmed or become pointless, you can remove them with ease. The bike requires setting up. Lots of customers state the setting up is easy as well as takes much less time.

Important Features:

  • Adjustable saddle
  • Flat wrapped handlebars
  • Flip-flop hub
  • Deep V alloy wheels
  • Removable front and rear brakes

Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike

Fixie bikes are the lightest kind of bikes you can hop on the marketplace. Selecting the ideal version can be hard since there are multitudes of versions to select from.

If you need a top quality solitary rate bike that is easy to ride, the Vital Cycles Took care of Equipment bike is a best option.

The first thing that you will note is the exceptional hand constructed steel fixed frame that includes bar-spin clearance. The steel structure alongside with the fork provides smooth performance on harsh roadways. The bike includes dual walled rims that are located in off-road bikes so you don’t need to be stressed over road roughness.

Furthermore, it has 700c tires that offer support and convenience when commuting. If you intend to reveal the world some whip skid abilities, you can establish the bike as a solitary speed or turn the rear wheel. Despite the alternative you choose, you will appreciate your riding minutes with this bike. Reputable stopping is assured with the professional max brakes fitted on the bike.

You can get this bike in different dimensions ranging from tiny, tool and also huge. In addition, it is available in 10 different color choices. The bike comes with all the products you require to set up as well as keep it. If you have experience in bike assembly, it will take less time to finish assembly.

Important Features:

  • Steel frame with fork
  • Lightweight alloy chainwheel
  • Super deep V double wall rims
  • Flip-flop hub

Vilano is a widely known brand name when it pertains to bikes. If you would like to have an experience with one of their bikes, Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear can be an excellent financial investment.

This is an excellent metropolitan commuter bike that enables you to ride as a dealt with equipment or solitary speed.

You just need to select just how to do your riding. Would certainly you like to ride in vogue, then this fixie bike suits you. It has a timeless look that makes you trendy while riding. You can additionally discover it in different shades to select from. The bike has a track straight framework with a fork that is designed from hi-ten steel.

Not just does this building and construction deal durability but additionally makes the bike lightweight. It additionally has 45mm double walled deep v anodized wheels that supply a wonderful rolling on various terrains. The stopping system consists of in this bike include alloy caliper front and also rear brakes.

The brakes give you the stopping power you need despite the weather.
Unlike other bikes, keeping this version is pretty simple. The fact that it has no gears makes it very easy to maintain. The bike requires setting up. To obtain even more understanding about the assembly, you can inspect aid online.

Important Features:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Stylish and lightweight
  • Flip-flop hub
  • Deep V anodized wheels

Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike, 700c, Black/Blue, Large/58cm...

Last but not least, in our collection of fixie bikes, we have the Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike. The bike includes wheels of the appropriate size and also width that can handle riding in metropolitan settings as well as sidewalks.

This is why the bike prevails among many street riders.

Comfort is an additional key element you will certainly not on this bike. It is designed with a comfy saddle that is slap flexible to match different customers. The bike likewise includes thick padding to enhance comfort. If you would certainly enjoy to change riding from fixed to a solitary equipment, there is a flip-flop hub.

Depending on the riding design you choose, be sure to get a great performance. The 700 alloy wheels and also the large tires provide effective handling when riding in city atmospheres. You can additionally expect to quit or slow down when there is a requirement to, thanks to the front as well as back hand brakes.

When it comes to toughness, this bike features a sturdy bonded steel frame. It also has flat handlebars that make it look like an informal bike. Assembly is called for as well as many individuals locate it simple. You can likewise look for expert help if you do not have any type of assembly abilities.

Important Features:

  • Flip-flop hub
  • Front and rear hand brakes
  • Flat bar style handlebar
  • 700c alloy wheels

Fixed Gear bike features

In the beginning (and many still do) the fixies were armed using old route frames. Nowadays you can find specialized frames, made of steel, aluminum and even carbon fiber. In general they are light and minimalist paintings, since they do not have frames for changes. The vast majority only use front brake, although you can choose to have two or none. An important part of the fixies is the horizontal dropout (see previous photo) that allows the chain to be tensioned properly.

Handlebar / Handlebar

Fixies can be found with almost any type of handle you can imagine. The most common are straight, double height and dropbar handles. But there are also those who prefer riser bar (similar to BMX) or bullhorn. Depending on the type of handle, a more relaxed position can be achieved with the semi-erect torso or a more aggressive one with the torso fully tilted forward.


These bicycles are designed to be light and fast, therefore tend towards the wheels with large and narrow diameters, similar to road bikes. They are commonly equipped with 700 and 650 wheels for small frames.

One of the important parts of the fixies is its rear hub. Unlike conventional hubs, they have two threads in opposite directions. The first is used to screw the pinion and the second to screw a safety ring (lock-ring). The threads are opposite to prevent the pinion from loosening when applying force in the opposite direction when braking or slowing down.

There is another type of hub, known as fip-flop, which sometimes use the same double thread system on the left side that allows another fixed pinion. Others have a thread to place a freewheel on the left side. These hubs give you the ease of varying the speed ratio or selecting between fixed or freewheel simply by turning the wheel.


Fixed gear bicycles have only one speed. The chain transmits the energy directly to the pinion on the rear wheel, so the pedals are in motion whenever it is. It is not possible to roll without pedaling.

Having a single speed is important to take your time to select a suitable relationship, considering whether you will use it mainly on flat or sloping terrain. In general, it is recommended to try different relationships and select a slightly higher one that you feel more comfortable with. Don’t worry if you need to change the relationship, it is relatively inexpensive to change the pinion.

Advantages and disadvantages of fixed gear bike

Fixed gear bike advantages

-Customization: For me the high customization capacity offered by these bicycles is the great attraction. One can spend hours dreaming of new designs, colors and finishes. Fixie bikes are usually unique and it is virtually impossible to find two identical bicycles. A true passion for what they enjoy more tuning the bikes than giving pedals.

-Less maintenance: They are simpler bicycles when it comes to mechanics. This translates into less maintenance and therefore a much lower expense when scratching our pocket in visits to the workshop.

-Lightness: The weight of a fixie will depend a lot on frame material but as a general rule they are lighter than classic road bikes. They do not have brake levers, they do not have a derailleur, change or double plate, so the starting ballast is already smaller.

-Price: this point is quite relative, since a good fixie can be around 2000-3000 euros. Tubular profile wheels are the dream of any cyclist. I say the price as an advantage since a simple but decent fixie can easily come out for less than 500 euros.

-Improves physical condition: Doing sports always translates into health, so pedaling on top of a fixie would not be the exception

Disadvantages fixed gear bike

-Risk: There is no doubt that fixie bicycles are dangerous. Getting on one of them implies taking an extra risk than is usually assumed when riding with a conventional bicycle. The margin of error is minimal and any failure can cause a fall.

-They require a lot of practice: Don’t even think about starting to cross like a madman the first day you get on a fixie. These bicycles require a special technique and their domain is much more complicated than it seems at first glance.

– A minimum physical condition is necessary: To travel kilometers with a fixed one requires a minimum physical condition. The fixed pinion system forces you to have strength in the legs to push the bike especially in the first pedaling. In addition to not having marches to play with, it is likely that you will have to face the climbs more stuck than normal.

Fixed vs single speed bike

A lot of people wonder if a fixie or fixed bike is the same as a single speed bike . The answer is clear. No.
A single speed implies, as the name implies, that the bicycle has only one speed. But this does not imply that the wheel is fixed transmission. The wheel can be free.
However, a fixie, speaking in the purest concept, in addition to having a single speed has a fixed transmission system. That is to say that the connecting rods will continue moving along with the rear wheel. To move forward it is essential that the cranks turn.

A fashion trend

Yes it is true that they are fashionable. In a few years they have conquered a place of exception among true vehement of this type of bicycle .

So much that there are even competitions, countless videos of people at full speed through the city (in this we do not agree, since most do not even wear a helmet because of that trend that implies an aspect). There are fixers in all parts of the world.

Now that you are clear about what they are and how … do you feel like enjoying a fixie?

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