A fixie bike is a single-speed bicycle with a taken care of wheel. Most bikes feature a freewheel; it suggests when you quit pedaling, your tires maintain spinning.

This feature enables freewheel bikes to coast. But fixie bikes aren’t such as that. Having a taken care of wheel suggests you need to pedal to keep your bike relocating; if you stop pedaling, your bike quits relocating.

In case you’re mosting likely to ride a taken care of equipment bike, you require to have solid, qualified tires since the tires operate simultaneously with the pedals, so they go through a lot of tension. If you want to enjoy your rides, you will certainly require a few of the best fixie tires on the market.

Best Fixie Bicycle Tires

We have actually assessed a few of the most effective fixie bike tires. They are all checked and fit for various purposes.


Continental Ultra Gatorskin Bicycle Tire (700x25, Folding, Black)

The Continental Gatorskin Bike Tire is speed-oriented. It’s created for high-speed riding and also has particular functions and homes that make it appropriate for riding at broadband. If you plan on competing with your fixie bike tires, you need to take a look at this brand name of tire.

It’s made with a PolyX breaker; this material is a very solid and securely woven polyester. The taken care of equipment bike is the type of bicycle that exerts a lot of stress on the tires, so you will certainly need a tire with high thickness that can hold up against a great deal of fixie tire pressure. The PolyX breaker matches these needs.

Apart from the ability to hold up against terrific pressure, the tire is also immune to penetrate. When you’re enjoying your trip, a pierced tire will certainly take out all the fun. However with this tire, you can ride without needing to bother with leaks.

The tire does not affect your bike’s rate as well; it’s changed to suit your speed requirements. That’s why it is among the very best taken care of equipment tires you can get.


  • The tire is very suitable for high speeds
  • Protected sidewalls
  • Equipped with a tread compound
  • Designed to have a high density
  • The tire is puncture resistant


  • It’s not easy to install the tire

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WTB ThickSlick Flat Guard Tire, 700x25cm Black

The WTB ThickSlick Comp Tire is among the thickest fixie tires on the market. The tire is at a reduced threat of getting its innertube damaged; it has a double rubber layer in the level guard.

This tire is suitabled for harsh, also paths. The density is a terrific advantage over its equivalents. If you intend on riding on unequal courses or off-road, these are the best tires for you.

The tires are smooth without any treading. This function even more makes it suitable for riding on an irregular road. The tire has a puncture-proof layer also. The tire is made of a 60a DNA rubber substance; this material is really solid as well as can withstand a fixie bike’s high-pressure demands.

The double rubber layer of the tire additionally makes certain that they last longer than various other tires. If you purchase this tire, you don’t need to bother with getting a substitute anytime soon.


  • Comes in two colors and is great for road bikes
  • The tire is strong and will last you a long time
  • The thickness greatly reduces the effect of uneven paths
  • It allows you to enjoy your ride better
  • The tire has a double rubber layer that ensures it lasts for a long time


  • It has small holes on it

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Vittoria Zaffiro II Wire (Black, 27 x 1 1/8)

Many single rate bike tires are suitable for specific problems as well as unable of running well in various other problems, but the Vittoria Zaffiro II Cable Tire is an exception.

Among the challenges taken care of equipment bike individuals deal with is facing to alter tires when there’s a change in season. Yet with this tire, you don’t have to. It’s created to provide you the most effective flights regardless of exactly how the course is. Snowy, messy, sloppy, wet this tire will certainly do efficiently on it.

The grasp of the tire when traveling is fantastic; it does not slip on wet surfaces. If you want to ride your bike all year round without having to transform your tires, after that these are the very best fixie tires offer for sale. The tire comes with an aramid 3D compound that offers it its weatherproof attributes. Likewise, the aramid compound minimizes the warmth effect on your tires.

The tire additionally includes a 26-TPI case; this housing gives low rolling resistance. This implies that the tire does not influence your bike’s rate as well as means you can pedal easily.


  • The resistance to rolling is low
  • It’s easy to pedal with this tire
  • It comes with a 3D Aramid compound
  • The tire is heat resistant
  • It’s designed with a PRB material that is comfortable for cornering


  • It’s one of the most expensive fixie tires for sale

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panaracer Catalyst Sport Tire with Wire Bead, 700 x 23C, White

The Panaracer Catalyst Sporting activity Tire isn’t especially a fixie tire, however it functions equally as fine.

The tire is suitable for race bikes, as well as it’s designed for that objective. The tire enables you to ride your fixie as rapid as you want without needing to worry about damages.

It’s not made to please performance only, however they also have some great designs. With this tire, you can ride in style and also still appreciate your flights.

The tire isn’t as costly as regular racing tires, however it works just as great.


  • Comes in many colors and sizes
  • It’s very durable, and it will last you a long time
  • Allows you to ride comfortably on an uneven road and paved roads as wel
  • Weighs just 320 grams


  • It’s not well structured

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Continental Ultra Sport II Road Clincher, 27 x 1 1/8-Inch, Black

The Continental Ultra Sport II Roadway Finishing touch is a multi-purpose tire. The layout of this tire makes it fit for both road bikes as well as fixie bikes.

If you have greater than one bike, possibly a dealt with gear and also a road bike, you can obtain a set of these tires, and it will certainly function flawlessly well for both bikes. This convenience is one of the reasons we consider it among the top models.

The tire is designed with a 180 TPI case, as well as it has a deep facility walk. These attributes offer the tire a solid road grip, and also the covering combines tight silica-based treads that can hold up against high pressure, making it ideal for fixies. The tire is really long lasting and light, as well as it has a really high performance.

This tire’s rate is additionally the same as a lot of fixie bikes, and it’s available in various sizes. With this tire, you can ride comfortably on rough roadways. The fixed gear bike tires make it simple for you to steer.


  • The tires make it easy for you to steer your bike
  • Has a 180 TPI casing, with silica-based treads that make it strong
  • It’s designed with a deep center tread
  • The tires are very durable


  • Quality control could have been better

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How to Get the Best Fixie Tires

If you’re going to get the most effective fixie tires, there are some essential points you need to recognize.

The tires aren’t really usual, so you have to take care as well as focus on these points.


There are 2 sorts of tires: tubes and ones without tubes (tubeless tires). The tubeless tire doesn’t have an internal tube.

It can go for a lower pressure than the tube tires as well as is additionally much less susceptible to apartments. The tubeless tire uses reduced rolling resistance.

On the other hand, a tube tire has an inflatable internal tube. This makes it extra comfy to ride on rough roads, and also it can manage your weight a little bit better. However it’s prone to apartments, as well as you need to inspect the air pressure in the tube on a regular basis.


Guarantee you evaluate the tire compound prior to you buy your bicycle. The tire substance gives an added layer of defense for the tires.


Riding a taken care of equipment bike involves a lot of power both on your path as well as also on your tires. Unlike freewheel bikes, you have to keep pedaling to maintain your bike moving.

So, before you get a fixie, you require to ask yourself if you await the physical exertion it calls for.

Likewise, the tires of your bike are a very vital element. Like I said before, you need to continuously use pressure to maintain your bike relocating, so you require tires that can endure it.

If you get simply any type of tires, you’ll find yourself frequently replacing your tires within short durations.


The type of grasp of your tires depends greatly on the type of terrain you’re navigating. The grasp of fixie tires is extremely crucial, given that it’s the main control of your bike.

If the hold of your bicycle is too solid, it will impact your capability to pedal.

A strong grip includes in the difficulty in pedaling. Yet in scenarios where you need to browse a damp terrain, you’ll need a tire with a strong grasp to make sure that your bike won’t slip.

How to Make Your Fixie Tires Last Longer

When it involves tires and substitutes, I like to use all efficiency my tires have to offer before changing them.

You can use some tiny tricks to obtain all you can out of your tires before replacing them.

Alternate Foot Positions

When we skid, we have a tendency to do it on the very same foot as a point of routine. Hence, a specific part of our tires wears out faster than the remainder as well as ultimately burn out.

To avoid this, alternate the position of both your feet. In this way, your tires will certainly wear out equally.

Rotate the Tires

If you rotate your tires, it will minimize the road’s result on certain areas, yet this will benefit just a short time.


The fixie bike is a fantastic selection of bikes if you have the experience to ride. It’s likewise essential to have the best sort of tire if you’re mosting likely to enjoy your ride.

Out of all the excellent tires we experienced, the Continental Gatorskin Bike Tire is the very best fixed gear tire. It’s precisely what a fixie tire ought to be and deserves every penny.

The tire is made with PolyX breaker, an extremely difficult polyester material that has a high thickness as well as can stand up to the stress of a fixie bike.

The tire is likewise puncture-proof, it has reduced rolling resistance, as well as is developed with Duraskin to shield the sidewall.

If you still require aid choosing the most effective fixie bike tires for your needs, simply leave a comment in the area below and also I will certainly attempt to respond asap.