What is a mountain bike?

Mountain bikes (MTB), also known as mountaineers in some countries, are off-road bikes. Designed for use on irregular roads, they are perfect for crossing forests, climbing and descending mountains and enjoying rocky trails. Thanks to its versatility, mountain bikes are one of the best selling bicycles today

Types of Mountain Bikes

Dirt Jump

Characteristics of the Dirt Jump

Bike The dirt jump bike is usually made of cromoly, in order to offer the rider a strong bike, a moderate and more stylized weight. His shot is 26 ”. The tires are generally those that can be used for DH or enduro with a width of between 2.20 – 2.30. They only have front suspension. Which has a travel between 80mm-110mm.

The dirt jump bike is single speed, so you must wear a sturdy chain with either two links or one link that can withstand the severe use of this bike and that is not loose. The ideal plate has 30 teeth, but it can be in the range between 25-40 teeth. The dirt jump have only one brake. The front. It is important that it is a good brake that dissipates heat well.

Mongoose Fireball Dirt Jump Mountain Bike, 26-Inch Wheels, Mechanical Disc Brakes, Grey


Trail bike features
Most brands have a trail bike version. You can find it both as rigid (front suspension) and double suspension. You can identify the trail bicycles by the route of their suspensions, in which we have between 110mm to a maximum of 130mm. Its geometry is more similar to that of one for XC with a long frame, but a double height handle is used for greater comfort in the possible descents that you can circumvent. Most trail bikes are mid-range, providing good performance in their components at an affordable price for anyone who wants to start mountain biking at a more constant level.

It is a bicycle that will give you everything you need to feel comfortable in mountain biking because of its versatility. These bicycles are not obsessed with reducing the time on the route so they do not care about the weight, it is rare to find them in a version with carbon frames, although there are brands that do handle it in their high ranges. The tires they bring from the factory are approximately between a width of 2.0-2.3 and with a mixed drawing to be able to be rolled in different territories, the front being wider than the rear tire. The great advantage of a trail bike is that with an affordable price you can have a very complete bike with which you can also do XC, all mountain and Enduro, only with the difference of the route to be able to cushion the areas with too much technique or with very inclinations robust.

BEIOU Carbon Fiber 29" Mountain Bike Hardtail Bicycle 2.10" Tires Shimano DEORE M6000 30 Speed XC/Trail...


Full Suspension

As the name implies, double suspension or full suspension mountain bikes have a suspension installed on their front and rear wheels. The suspension systems have a “Tour”, the terminology of cyclomontañismo for the length of the movement available in your suspension. The suspension helps absorb the impact of the irregularities of the terrain, reducing the impact you receive, and as a result, improving traction and comfort. By keeping the wheels firm against the ground, the more irregular it is, the more suspension you will need. Generally, the travel of your suspension varies between 80 mm and 200 mm in the front and rear, the obstacles that you will find in your path.

Downhill bicycles, for example, are designed to go down steep and complicated stretches at full speed, the logical thing in this case is to have the best suspensions with a longer ride. At the other end, Cross Country bicycles should be light and efficient when pedaling, so they will normally have about 100 mm of travel. Many suspension systems allow cyclists to “block” the suspension, to stand firm if you want to gain speed on a flat stretch or climbing. Without suspension, you need rigidity to save energy in your movements.


2018 FSX 2.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Gravity Suntour (Matt Black with Red Wheels, 17inch)


Downhill bike features

To practice DH, a double suspension bike (front and rear) is used. These frames of a stronger structure. Most are usually made of aluminum and professional competitors generally use carbon. These bicycles are specific for the Descent, therefore they cannot be used for other modes except for the Free Ride.

The geometry of a DH bicycle is designed to descend. Therefore they have a different angle with which you can master the great differences that the mountain marks.

To brake, 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes are used.
The handlebar or handle that is occupied must be long and can be of medium height or double height. These handlebars offer the cyclist a more aggressive position for the descent, managing to take out his elbows to better master the technical areas and the negative slope.

The suspensions that a DH bicycle occupies are 200mm in both front and rear travel. Currently, the most widely used is 27.5 inches, some brands are starting to work with 29 ”and the classic 26” although there are already few brands that are working with that measure. The tires are very wide, between 2.3 and 3.4 with a large and often open tackling to easily remove dirt or muddy mud. In the case of tracks with too much mud, special tires are used for this.

The saddle is kept down all the time, since being a downhill bike the rider does not sit pedaling. And having it down gives you freedom of movement to balance and control the bike more easily.


Motobecane Downhill DH Full Suspension Mountain Bike Rock Shox Boxer 200mm (Matt Black, Small - 5'2" -...


The name speaks for itself. The mountain bikes Hardtail are named for having a stiff tail, leaving the entire fork damping. Having fewer moving elements, they are lighter and cheaper; both in initial price and maintenance costs. And like full suspension, you can get alternatives with the option of blocking the suspension to ride on less rugged terrain without wasting your energy.

Although they have only one damping point, it does not mean that they are not comfortable when riding, except in the most complicated terrain. Some MTB cyclists prefer them for being cheaper and less complex, with many of the benefits that would highlight a double suspension. Less weight, greater efficiency when pedaling, and a large portion of the land you could ride with a complete one, what else can we say?



BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Hardtail MTB Shimano M610 DEORE 30 Speed Ultralight 10.8 kg RT 26...

Cross country

The cross country  (also known as rally or XC) is a competition mode where bikers have to cross mountain sections at high speed. There are usually no large declines. On the contrary, the paths have to be flat or on the rise with obstacles such as stone areas, ramps, muddy terrain or tracks that choose technical difficulties.

In other words: they are bicycles to compete in the Olympic Games, the World Cup and elite races.

In these bicycles the geometry is designed to make it very reactive, taking advantage of each pedaling. They usually use forks of very little suspension travel (80mm or 100mm) and in some cases without suspension of any kind, since eliminating the suspensions lighten weight.

The wheels they use are 29 ″, to be able to advance more meters with each pedal stroke. In fact, XC mountain bikes are the ones that have put this tire size into fashion.


BXT Carbon MTB Bike Mountain Bike 29er Double Disc Brake 111 speeds Carbon Bike 29inch Thru Axle Fork...

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Mountain bike features

Handlebar / Handlebar

The MTB use straight or double height handlebars which allows the cyclist to pedal with the semi-upright torso and thus have better control and vision of the road. Generally the width of the handlebar is more or less the same width of the rider’s shoulders, although it may vary depending on the performance sought and particular preference.


Its wheels are very resistant to withstand the onslaught of the road (stones, logs, skips, etc). The tires are wide and equipped with studs that improve traction on loose terrain. There are different tire drawings and your selection should be according to the conditions and performance you are looking for. Until a few years ago the norm was the 26 ″ wheels, but today the trend indicates that they will be displaced by the 29 ″ and 27.5 ″ wheels.


These bicycles are generally provided with 2 to 3 plates and 8 to 9 sprockets, although cassettes with up to 11 steps can be found. Mountain bikes usually have a wide range of speeds to face all types of terrain, but tend toward low speeds, unlike the road bikes that tend toward high speeds.

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