Biking is a remarkable workout that a lot of individuals delight in today. Nevertheless, before you can maximally take pleasure in cycling, you need to be furnished with the appropriate equipment as well as accessories. Right here we will certainly examine the most effective MTB grips for those that enjoy hill cycling.

These grasps are very beneficial in enhancing hand traction while cycling along the harsh mountainous terrain.

Because of just how rough hill biking can obtain, it is necessary to constantly maintain optimal grip and also balance in any way times. Otherwise, you ‘d wind up blowing up and also diminishing.

What Are the Best MTB Bike Grips?

There are various mtb handlebar holds offered for you to pick from. Nonetheless, some are better than others.
Consequently, we have taken the time to provide you with evaluations so keep checking out for even more details:

Ergon - GA2 Ergonomic Lock-on Bicycle Handlebar Grips | Standard...

If you’re intending to purchase the best MTB lock on grasps, this item ought to be taken into consideration. The Ergon– GA2 has a terrific track record amongst mountain cyclists.

The holds have a soft structure and also are fabricated with a UV secure rubber material. This mix makes them comfy and capable of supplying outstanding traction on harsh terrain.

As its name implies, this item is structured ergonomically to give maximum performance. Likewise, this unit is ultra-lightweight and is equipped with internal clamps that make it also simpler to have a firm hold of your handlebars.

These handlebar grasps are made to satisfy high criteria. It’s a German-made unit that includes appealing aesthetic appeals.


  • No complications when using the grips
  • Excellent fit and improved comfort
  • The grips provide bikers with evenly-spread traction
  • It’s made for optimal efficiency
  • It has a soft feel on the palms
  • Light-weight unit


  • When compared to other grips, it’s quite pricey
  • Bar-end plugs cannot be used with the grips

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RaceFace Half Nelson Locking Grip, Black

RaceFace Half Nelson Locking Grips is a product that pleases all the demands of an excellent grasp.

It’s an aesthetically designed item that delivers a terrific amount of grip to maintain you balanced throughout your bike flights. This ALL-TERRAIN BICYCLE grasp has a remarkable online reputation among bicycle riders for the degree of top quality that it offers. It has a rubberized feature that makes it solid as well as comfy at the same time.

The holds also include some altitude on the indoor parts, that makes them retain their firm grips also in the existence of rainfall or dampness. The holds are safely held in location by single lock-on attributes. These lock-on holds are quickly set up around the bike’s handlebars. Likewise, they have an ultra-light weight, and they can be found in various unique shades.

Immediately, these can be taken into consideration as the best MTB handlebar grips, and they deserve to be contributed to your listing of biking devices.


  • Featuring a super thin layer that increases firm grips
  • Regardless of rain or wetness, the grips retain their excellent traction
  • Structurally designed to perform well in different weather conditions
  • Easy lock-on grips and lightweight
  • Excellent shock absorption on rough terrains


  • It’s a bit pricey

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Lizard Skins Lock-On Moab Grips, Black/Blue Clamp

This set has actually been created to provide hill cyclists with a firm hold while biking along the bumpiest routes.

Among the fantastic functions related to this system is its capability to supply great grip even when damp.

The Lizard Skins Grasp has a soft feel for included comfort. The grips are also made to last long– indicating that you will not need to buy a brand-new set of holds each time you ride your bike. Its shock-absorbing attribute is reasonable; although, some improvements could be made to it.

The holds are made with widths and also lengths that increase both convenience and grip. Size requirements is 5.1 inches, while both holds have radiuses of 0.61 inches. Both grasps additionally have covers on their bottom ends.


  • MOAB soft texture grips
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Small diameter
  • Integrated alloy collars


  • Not all parts can be found in the package

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ESI Grips Chunky MTB Grip (Green), one Size (GCKG8)

1The following product in this evaluation is the ESI Chunky MTB Hold. If you wish to get the most effective ALL-TERRAIN BICYCLE handlebar grips, you shouldn’t neglect these ones.

These grips have the ability to offer high quality traction as well as shock absorption during the bumpiest flights. Also, riding in the rain isn’t an issue. This is thanks to the silicone manufacture that sustains good grasp in the visibility of moisture.

The structural layout of this unit is made as if material density is distributed to make certain maximum grip. The product around the finger region is thinner than the product below the palm region. Bikers that respect looks and also design can get to choose from a range of differing thicknesses and shades.

The ESI Chunky ALL-TERRAIN BICYCLE Hold is extremely light-weight. It weighs less than an extra pound. However, this unit does not feature lock-rings to safeguard them around the handlebars, so they need to be effectively glued in place.


  • Grip diameter of 32mm
  • Each grip has a cover on the bottom end
  • Weighs less than a pound – just 60g
  • Vibration-damping chunky grips
  • Grips have a length of 130mm


  • It doesn’t last very long

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FIFTY-FIFTY Single Lock-on Mountain Bike Grips, Bicycle Handlebar...

Next up are the BV Bike Handlebar Grips. The grasps have a modern layout that develops a visual appearance as well as destination.

The grips are strongly kept in area by a set of clamps that will not easily come off. Apart from its visual style and also firm dual securing, this unit is additionally with the ability of resonance damping.

You additionally get to pick from five various shades: Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, and also Environment-friendly. The holds include a technological circulation of thickness that boosts total traction. Each grasp has a distance of regarding 0.6 inches.


  • Fast and simple setup
  • Works excellently for that prefer a smaller grip width
  • Firmly attached to handlebars – thanks to the dual lock-on system
  • Vibration damping rubber feature that boosts comfort and improves traction


  • The padding isn’t sufficient for some bikers

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BV Bike Handlebar Grips, Double Lock-on Bicycle Grip Handle Bar...

Next up are the BV Bike Handlebar Grips. The grasps have a contemporary style that produces a visual appearance and destination.

The grasps are strongly kept in location by a pair of clamps that won’t quickly come off. Aside from its aesthetic style as well as firm dual clamping, this device is additionally efficient in resonance damping.

You likewise reach pick from five different colors: Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, and also Eco-friendly. The grasps include a technological distribution of density that boosts overall traction. Each grasp has a span of about 0.6 inches.


  • It’s sold at a pocket-friendly price
  • Works perfectly for several handlebars
  • Equipped with double clamp
  • Secured on handlebars by the double lock-on system


  • The patterns might not be attractive to everyone

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Oury MTN Grip (Black)

Another available ALL-TERRAIN BICYCLE hold, which can provide you with excellent traction, is the Oury MTN grasp. If you care much for range and aesthetics, this device is for you.

It’s available in different colors and you can buy it at a budget-friendly price for those that can not pay for to spend much on the very best most comfy mountain bicycle holds.

No matter its affordable price, this device is rubberized to ensure maximum grip power while biking along rough tracks.

Nevertheless, when contrasted to various other items in this review, the Oury MTN Grasp isn’t so lengthy. In fact, it can only match handlebars that aren’t above 5″ in size.


  • You get to pick from a wide range of available hues
  • Thick and convenient grip padding
  • Regardless of its pocket-friendly price, it’s still capable of providing maximum grip power


  • Cannot support handlebars above 5 inches

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8. ODI AG-2 Signature Grips

Odi AG-2 Signature Grips, 135mm, Black/Blue/Black

The ODI AG-2 Trademark Grips truly are worthy of to be pointed out in our testimonial of the most effective holds for mountain bike. These grips have actually been produced to satisfy high requirements as well as offer cyclists with exceptional grip while riding along rough terrain.

The AG-2 followed the AG-1– the latter wasn’t good enough, and didn’t please all the requirements of great soft mountain bicycle grips. However, the AG-2 has been improved on, and it’s more comfortable to hold. It includes a radius of 0.6 inches.

The enhanced layout of the AG-2 features bigger and more spaced-out box-like patterns. The bottom sides of each hold have fins stretching from one end to the various other. The mix of these patterns improves the degree of grip received from the grips.

Protecting the holds around the handlebars is not a problem– thanks to the clamp used to hold them down. Each grip has a length of about 5.3 inches.


  • The grip’s radius was increased and incorporated with an offset grip design for better padding
  • Includes softer pro compound material
  • 2″ height with a -inch width


  • None

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How to Find the Best MTB Grips

To properly answer the question: what are the best MTB grips you should consider these things:


Prior to buying your grasps, there are certain functions that you ‘d intend to appreciate. A few of these attributes would be considerably affected by the material. For instance, if you desire the very best MTB grips for numbness, you would certainly need to look out for a product with soft enough texture.

The product also affects the weight as well as durability. Bikers that desire ultra-lightweight holds might go for silicon kinds. Nonetheless, there’s a tendency for extremely lightweight grips to have inadequate longevity.

When it concerns shock absorption, the softer grasp materials are much more shock-absorbing. They are also gentle on the hands.

Bicycle riders that use lock-on holds would get a thicker feeling as a result of the durable plastic sleeve between the handlebar and also grip. If you would certainly prefer or else, you need to opt for slide-on grasps.


There are additionally different shapes and also sizes of holds available to you on the market. The shapes as well as length generally establish which bike the holds can be effectively used with.

Make sure you get a grasp that will not be too brief for your handlebar’s length. You need to likewise test the holds prior to acquiring after that to see if your hands twist around their sizes firmly.


The account design of holds influences their efficiency in giving grip and also comfort and also will certainly help you boost pedaling performance as well. There are various account styles to choose from, as well as each is designed to fit various hands and also cyclists.

Do not hesitate to examine a number of different hold profiles to see which suits you best. The profile style additionally influences the grasp’s capacity to wet vibrations.

Additionally, make sure that the grasps you’re buying have an account that can still supply you with grip in damp problems. Badly profiled holds will just wind up losing traction during the rains, as well as might even slip off entirely.


Next is the fixing method. Grasps that are badly chosen the handlebars will maintain slipping off while riding. Consequently, a good ALL-TERRAIN BICYCLE hold must constantly have a trusted taking care of approach.

Most ergonomic mtb grips for stationary bicycle will either have a slide-on dealing with method or a lock-on system. The lock-on systems can have a solitary clamp for firmly holding the holds in place or a dual clamp.

There are certain benefits that the lock-on fixing system has over the slide-on holds. Unlike the slide-on holds, the lock-on grips would not slip off in case of rainfall and wetness.

Additionally, the slide-on grasps are prone to rotating on the handlebar’s axis and also mountain bicycle forks. This isn’t excellent when trying to achieve optimum grip for good balance on bumpy surface. The propensity of slide-on grips to shift misplaced likewise creates area for dirt to stick beneath and also cause unwanted rigidity.

Grip Size

Grasp dimension is an additional important attribute to look out for. There are holds with really thick padding and those with lighter extra padding. You will certainly require to select in between them based on your individual choice.

The size of your hand would certainly identify which extra padding feels most convenient for you. Feel free to attempt holding a few of them at the bike store to see which fits best.

Bar Plugs

The visibility of bar plugs is one more feature that you should keep an eye out for before selecting any type of bike holds.

These plugs are meant to cover the bottom ends of the hold and bike handlebars. It is necessary to constantly have them on. Therefore, see to it that missing ones are replaced immediately.


Prior to acquiring a bike grip, you need to make sure that it will provide you with comfort. You must know that specific layouts and materials are also rough on the hands when gripped.

Good holds generally distribute thickness around the fingers and hand region for the function of convenience and enhanced grip.

Lock-On vs. Non-Lock-On Grips

Bicycle riders are typically provided with the options of lock-on and non-lock-on holds.

There are quite an excellent variety of advantages that the lock-on grasps have over the non-lock-on ones. Slip-on grips tend to shift misplaced and be exposed to dust, mud, and debris.

However, the lock-on holds are usually firmly held in area by single or dual clamps– therefore, they don’t fall out of area even on the bumpiest rides.

Added Tips

Make certain you do not reveal your bike holds or various other biking accessories to extremely warm temperatures. This will only harm the grasps much faster.

Holds normally raise hand grip while riding along bumpy tracks. However, their gripping capacity can be completely exploited by wearing MTB gloves at the same time. Besides, utilizing bare hands on grasps might cause sores.

Prior to choosing a certain ALL-TERRAIN BICYCLE grasp, check to see if it features end caps. End caps are quite crucial since they cover the subjected ends of the grasps and curb the unwanted entrance of dust and debris.


Are you still wondering what are the most effective MTB grips for your demands? In our opinion, the Ergon GA2 Ergonomic Lock-On handlebar grips are the best.

They are available in a great layout that uses terrific traction for well balanced bicycle trips as well as will last you for a long time.