Best Bike Bell Reviews & Guide – The Clang of the Ring!

A bike bell is a must-have for any cyclist. It can be both an important safety device and a means of communication with other cyclists, pedestrians, or drivers. With so many options available in this day and age, it’s hard to know where to start when looking for the right bell for you. This blog will review some of the best bells on the market and provide buyers with valuable information about what they should look for in their next purchase.
The article then goes into detail about how bike bells are crucial to have as they protect riders from harm since drivers may not see them coming around corners or off paths at crossings. But there are various types of bells such as those that attach onto handlebars versus those that go on your wrist

Best Bike Bell Reviews & Guide

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A bike bell is a device that is attached to the handlebars of a bicycle, and it produces sound when the rider squeezes its metal lever with their hand
There are two types of bike bells – one type has an external clapper which strikes against the inside of the bell housing, while another type features an internal striker which hits against the metal rim around the edge of its mouth
It’s important to purchase a bike bell that will be audible at least 100 feet away in order to warn other people on bikes or in cars about your presence
The best place for attaching your bike bell is on either side of your handlebar stem so you can reach it easily without having to take off any hands from holding onto your handlebars
You might want to consider purchasing a bicycle light if you don’t have one already because this increases visibility and reduces accidents


Bicycle bells can be one of the most annoying parts about riding a bike. There are so many different types, and it’s hard to decide which is best for you. In this video I will test three different kinds of bicycle bells in order to determine which type provides the loudest sound on dry pavement.


Why you need a bike bell?

In today’s world, a bike bell is as important as the wheels and the frame. A bicycle is not just a mode of transportation; it has become an inseparable part of one’s lifestyle. If you are fond of cycling then you know how important it is to take safety precautions while biking. Your safety can be ensured by using the horn of your bike. However, this is not enough; you also need to use a bicycle bell so that people around you know that you are approaching. When cycling in groups or with friends, the ringing sound of bells indicates their presence and gives warning to them as well.

A bike bell has a very small size compared to other parts present in a bike. However, it is the most useful part of a bicycle and one should always think of buying a bell that is best for their needs. The reviews present below will tell you about some important and vital features that you must consider while buying a bike bell. Some bells provide a pleasant ringing sound while others are waterproof or snow proof making them ideal for any weather conditions.

Types of bike bells

The bike bells are classified under three categories. The types are as follows:

1) Electric Bells

2) Mechanical Bells

3) Compound Bells

However, not all bells fall in these classifications; there are some that simply dangle on the handlebars and make a sound with the passage of air. You can buy bikes bells online from reputed online stores. You can also head out to your local shops and buy a bicycle bell for your bike if you prefer shopping personally. Before heading off, you must be clear about the type of bike bell that you want to buy.

One thing should be very clear in everyone’s mind is the purpose for which they need the bike bell. A different type of bells provide services that are suited to different needs, and you should be aware of your requirements before buying a bike bell.

The most commonly used bell is an electric one, though mechanical and compound types are also available in the market for those who prefer them over electricity. Electric bells run on battery and therefore do not require any maintenance. They are more expensive than others, but you can rely on them completely for your day to day biking needs. Mechanical bells are loud and make a harsh sounding that may be less pleasing to hear; also they lack the ringtone feature. They do not need battery as well and therefore work without electricity or power supply.

They are cheap and affordable by most. A compound bell is a combination of both mechanical and electric bells. It runs on electricity but has the ringtone feature as well. They cost a little more than mechanical bells, but still are cheaper than electrical ones

How to choose the right one for you

When you go shopping for a bike bell, you must be clear about the type of bell that suits your style. You may not buy a bike bell with all the features present in one but you should think of buying a bell with some basic feature so that you are able to use it right away. Here are few things to keep in mind while buying a bicycle bell

1) Ringtone: The ringtone is the sound that your bike bell will produce. It should be loud enough to reach your surroundings but not harsh on your ears. Therefore, you can choose any ringtone of to go in for a bike bell with different ringtones or even one with an adjustable tone so that it may be pleasant to your ears.

2) Durability: The bike bell that you choose must be sturdy and durable; it should not be easily breakable. Any metal or alloy used for the creation of a bell should be strong enough to last long. If possible, do a little research on this before buying a bike bell so that you can decide whether a product is durable or not.

3) Budget: The budget you have set for the bike bell should be important in your decision. You may choose to buy an expensive one that has all the features you want or go cheaper and settle for something without sound ringtones but that does the job well enough.

4) Functionality: This is probably the most important feature to consider. Even if you go for an inexpensive bike bell, it should fulfil its purpose of making a ringing sound when you need it to. In fact, even expensive bells are of no use if they do not work properly or make any sound at all.

4) Safety: Another thing that you must keep in mind when buying a bicycle bell is the safety. If possible, choose an alloy or metal bike bell that is integrated to your handlebars so that it does not fall off on accident and hurt someone.

5) Longevity: A good bike bell should serve you for more than just a month or two; it should work for a longer period of time. Check the warranty period of a product if you are not sure about its longevity before buying it;

What are some tips on how to use it properly ?

When you’ve bought a bike bell, it is important that you use it correctly.

Know for sure when to use the bike bell and don’t make any unnecessary noises because these are a little irksome if they are too often heard.  It should be used at junctions of major roads or while passing other people who may be walking on the footpath.

Use it only if you are certain that there is an urgent need for you to do so, like a child crossing the road or at a crossroad where no traffic lights function properly.  Do not use it when you have reached your destination; use of a bike bell is important in case of an emergency.

It is advised that you use your bell in sync with hand signals or while making eye contact. Don’t be impolite and ring your bell around people again and again in a bid to make them move out of the way for you. For example, if there is someone crossing the street at a crossroad, alert the person by ringing your bike bell in one or two tones that you intend to overtake him or her; then wait for the person to move away from the road and go ahead.

If your bell starts malfunctioning, it is best not to use it at all rather than making noises with an impaired product. It may be unsafe, and other people around you will find it irritating.

However, in case of an emergency, if you absolutely have to ring your bell to alert someone or something, make sure that you don’t press it more than twice so as not to create a nuisance for anyone. If the bell works on both the sides then do it on either side and not in one go.

Allow people who are behind you to go ahead by not ringing your bell more than necessary. Your use of the bell should be restricted to an absolute minimum, and you shouldn’t make a habit of using it just because you feel like doing so.

Instead, look out for other ways in which you can communicate with those who are around you or alert them about your presence so that you don’t have to use the bell.

Common mistakes people make when using their bike bell

While many people use bike bells to warn others, you will also find some individuals who are making a nuisance of the product.

Bike bells are necessary only in certain situations and not all the time; a good idea is to download your music or ringtones on your mobile so that you have something to listen to while cycling instead of ringing the bell all the time.

Don’t ring your bell in short intervals so that you create a lot of noise. Try not to make any unnecessary noises with your bike bell as these can be irksome and can distract other people from doing their jobs or going about their daily lives. For example, if you are cycling fast past someone who is walking along the footpath, it’s best to give a gentle ring to notify him or her about your presence rather than making a lot of noise by pressing it again and again in quick succession.

Don’t keep ringing your bell as soon as something goes wrong with it; let someone else use it. In case you have hit something hard that makes your bell dysfunctional, don’t hit it again to make it function properly; instead replace it with a new one the next time you go shopping.

Don’t run your bell after dark; if someone is walking along the path and you want to alert him or her about approaching vehicles or others on bicycles, give them a gentle ring that’s audible only within a short distance.

Don’t press the button repeatedly when you are not sure about whether the bell actually works; instead find someone who can help test it for you. In case you have damaged your bell while cycling, take a look around to see if there is anyone else in need of one and give them yours rather than ringing it all the time.


paragraph: The best bike bell is the perfect addition to any commuter’s or cyclist’s safety kit. These bells come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from traditional bells that you can use on your handlebars to mini-bells for children who are learning how to ride their bikes. Whether you need some help identifying which kind of bell would work best for your needs or want more information about one particular product, let us know! We have experts standing by at all hours ready to answer questions and provide advice about choosing the right bicycle accessory.