4 Best Fixed Gear Bikes for Full Speed Riding

Do you like to ride a bike, but don’t want to spend the money on a fancy bike? Perhaps you just need something for commuting or getting around town. A fixed gear is an inexpensive option that will get the job done.

The best fixed gear bikes are typically made of steel frames and have a number of gears. They can be used for commuting, racing, or just riding around town. Fixed Gear bikes are easy to use and maintain because they don’t have any derailleurs or cables that need adjusting. This also makes them much lighter than other types of bicycles. The lack of brakes is the only thing that might give you pause when considering these bicycles as an option for your needs but once you get accustomed to how they work it’s hard to go back! Many people who ride fixed gear bikes say that having no brakes actually makes them better at controlling their speed because they must find alternative ways to slow down besides simply coming to a stop which takes more energy than

We have compiled our top 4 list of best fixed gear bikes so that you can find one that suits your needs!

Top 4 Best Fixed Gear Bikes

This fixed gear commuter bike is a great as well as inexpensive choice for you. It’s sold at a budget friendly rate, which is fairly reduced for a bike of its high quality. The Takara Sugiyama is a product that’s worth your consideration.

Checking out it, you’ll observe that it has an unique appearance with an unusual color scheme. The bike’s total framework and style have a close similarity to the normal mountain bike.

The reality that this high-quality fixie bike is sold at such an inexpensive price makes it a very desirable system.

It’s equipped with a steel frame as well as fork that ensure its sturdiness as well as strength. Surprisingly, this bike includes front and rear brakes. These brakes may not be the most innovative, but they are capable of successfully stopping your bike.

  • Fitted with 700c alloy wheels
  • The handlebar has a flat bar design
  • 58cm Tig welded steel frame and fork
  • The package comes with flip flop hub, fixed gear, and freewheel


  • It has a heavy weight

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The next product on our list of the best taken care of equipment bicycles is this Schwinn Kedzie Roadway Bike. This bike is a fantastic option for city cycling.

The makers of this item have actually acquired the trust of many consumers in the cycling neighborhood. This fixie bike from them is another representation of the great top quality Schwinn has to supply. In addition to having trusted quality, it’s also cost an economical price.

The bike might not be as expensive as a few other top-notch makes, but it provides you with exceptional equilibrium and also durability. Thanks to the materials and also layout used to make this bike, it has a desirable weight. The bicycle is also geared up with 32H alloy rims that make your flights smooth.

The Schwinn Kedzie includes a frame structure that makes urban travelling itch-free. It’s fitted with an efficient collection and grips that assist in comfort while cycling. Along with all that, there’s also a set of back as well as front alloy caliper brakes that help you bring the bike to halt when required.


  • Equipped with a powerful drivetrain
  • Best budget fixie sold at an affordable price
  • It’s a durable product
  • Features effective front and rear alloy caliper brakes
  • It’s a nice bike for street racing


  • The frame is bulky


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After that we have the State Bike 4130. This is among the most suggested fixie bike brand names. This item, which includes a flip-flop hub, is readily available in various shades and also sizes.

In addition to its flexibility, this bike really feels really comfy to ride on. It offers you with smooth biking experience as well as appealing design. It is among the most effective taken care of gear bikes you can get today.

With a frame made from double-butted chromoly steel and also a straight steel fork, it’s rather heavy. Nevertheless, its steel implementations make it a strong and long-lasting bicycle. The smallest dimension of this item has a weight specification of 22-lbs while larger versions can be as heavy as 24-lbs.

You reach enjoy convenience as you remain on the bike’s saddle, thanks to the well-cushioned synthetic leather style. Whenever you require to bring this bike to a halt, you can depend on the front and rear span brakes fitted on it.


  • Features both front and rear radius brakes included
  • The brakes are caliper type brakes
  • It’s fitted with dual suspension system
  • Reliable fixed-gear, fixie, bike


  • None


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The Schwinn Stites Road Bike’s design has been customized to operate in city website traffic. Along with its terrific city website traffic ability to move, this unit is likewise visually appealing. It is available in black, silver, and also blue or white shades.

Those who would certainly such as a fixie for cyclocross can acquire this product as well as transform it right into a cyclocross bike with a few tweaks. The bike’s frame has a nice contemporary framework with a compact design and is covered with attractive paint.

The aesthetically revealed parts of this bicycle are coated with a matte black paint that looks extremely neat as well as impressive. This shade execution is matched with black and white paint on the stem, crankset, seat message, and brakes.

The bike is fitted with a Schwinn Steel competing frame and also fork that assist you scoot on a paved surface area. Our fixie bikes reviews would be incomplete without stating this item.


  • 46tx18t single-speed drivetrain and flip-flop hub with freewheel
  • Features Schwinn steel racing frame and fork that facilitate fast riding on a paved surface
  • Dual alloy caliper brakes for effectively halting the bike
  • Lightweight high-profile alloy rims that are sturdy and long-lasting
  • Equipped with Schwinn urban seat and urban grips


  • Doesn’t come complete with all parts


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How to Find the Best Fixed Gear Bikes

Everyone intends to purchase top quality products worth their cash. As you purchase a fixie, various variables will certainly affect your choice.

For example, those with a little budget plan would consider cheap set gear bikes. Secret factors to be noted prior to getting a fixie bike include:


Bikes are offered in a variety of colors and designs. There are bikes covered with simply one paint shade.

There are additionally those repainted with a blend of various shades. Relying on your color preference, you’re complimentary to choose whichever one you such as.

Also in a scenario where the design of your choice does not have your desired shade, you can take it to the painter’s workshop for personalization.


The product utilized to make your bicycle’s framework would impact its longevity and also weight. Some frames are made from aluminum, some from carbon fiber, and others steel.

Out of all these products, Chromoly steel is a complimentary option. This steel is used by lots of popular trademark name in the cycling area to create lasting as well as strong bicycles.

You shouldn’t take your bike structure’s top quality gently– a weak frame would not offer you well. You should acquire something that will certainly offer a smooth cycling experience for a long time.


The private components of a bike requirement to be solid to ensure that they can function with each other to make a trustworthy whole.

For the benefit of your bike’s problem, you’ll require to make some substitutes from time to time.

Using the bike’s wheelset as a recommendation part, it’s expected that the wheelset needs to have alloy hoops and also tightly sealed centers.


Size is a key aspect to be considered before opting for a fixed-gear bike. The selected bike’s dimension need to tally with your physical account.

Taking your very own elevation into factor to consider, you’ll require to ensure that the bicycle isn’t also small or also huge for you.

Ideally, you might borrow the bike of a close friend to see exactly how well it fits your profile. If the bike is a comfortable fit you can obtain the very same specific size. You might additionally do a specialist bike fitting workout at an appropriate bicycle store.


Not everybody wants a heavyweight bike; some people do not actually mind.

If a large bike is mosting likely to be bothersome for you, after that you need to most likely obtain one with a lightweight.

Among the fixies we reviewed previously, you can discover some lightweight ones.

Rack Mounts

Shelf mounts are quite useful enhancements to your bicycle.

They are available in helpful in situations where you’re entrusted with lugging hefty lots on your bike. Inspect that your bike option is fitted with a dependable rack place prior to you make the last acquisition.


You must understand precisely what you’re looking for in a bike. This way, you’ll be able to select a bike that has all the features to satisfy your demands.

Nonetheless, even if you aren’t so sure of where as well as just how you would certainly be riding, you can prepare yourself ahead of time.

Getting a fender is one way to prepare you for riding in damp problems. The fenders will shield you from flying beads of water and mud.


As you look for the perfect fixie, you have to have a certain purpose in mind.

This objective might be to make use of the bike as an everyday methods of urban travelling or to join some competitions. Whatever your function is, allow it guide you to pick the appropriate item.


Based upon individual preference, you could desire an item that will not require much upkeep.

Thanks to their layout and also features, fixies aren’t challenging to maintain. Simple features, like rollercoaster brakes, for example, make general upkeep very easy.

You might additionally select a full-chain covering produced from aluminum to protect your bike chain from rust.


Your offered budget plan will certainly identify what bike you can buy. If you have a large budget plan, you’ll likely have the ability to afford the expensive premium bicycles.

Nonetheless, you need to know that a few of the top fixie bikes are really sold at low-cost rates under $500. It would certainly be great if you can lay your hand on one.

Make note that the more powerful lasting bikes would normally cost a great deal extra. If you’ll be subjecting the bike to prolonged and also intensive rides, it’s better to buy a sturdy bike, no matter its price.

What is a Fixie Bicycle?

Fixies, likewise known as fixed-gear bikes, are bikes with cogs that function based upon just the movement of pedals. They resemble Firmstrong cruiser bikes in a feeling

Typically, various other types of bikes are fitted with round bearing systems that offer numerous speeds. These round bearing systems are responsible for the totally free activity of both the wheel and gear.

Nevertheless, this isn’t the case with fixies or single-speed bikes. The speed of a fixie bike is directly proportional to the amount of job you take into pedaling.

As you pedal, the wheel spins appropriately. Based on this principle of procedure, some fixies can also be driven in opposite– just by pedaling in an in reverse instructions.

Why Should You Get a Fixie?

Prior to purchasing a fixed-gear bike, you would certainly need to know concerning its benefits as well as relevance. Among the attractive attributes of repaired gears is their simple style. Due to how easy their application is, these bikes do not call for lots of upkeep.

They are also easy to ride and they have light-weight requirements. If you often need to lug your bike up a trip of staircases, you would certainly enjoy the light-weight design of a fixie.

Conveniently navigating on roads is one more benefit of a fixie’s light weight. There are many more features that make people choose the fixie for their cycling routines.

Using a fixed-gear bike with a fixie crankset provides you the option of customizing brake setups. With a fixie, you might choose to use your freewheel as your methods of stopping the bike or pick to remove both back and front brakes while braking with the skid-stop approach.

The majority of times, people buy the fixie for the purpose of transport. There are likewise those that would buy them to race in competitions. If you want a fixie that can offer both objectives, you can buy a crossbreed fixie.

Bikers that make use of fixies as a way of daily transportation appreciate its low-maintenance style. The truth that fixies help you to conveniently manage your biking rate makes them valuable in the winter season.

In addition to all these offered factors, fixed-gear bikes are likewise available at budget-friendly prices. At low-cost rates, you reach delight in lasting top qualities and low-maintenance functions of the fixie bike.

Fixed Gear Bikes vs. Single Speed Bikes

Single-speed bikes and also fixies aren’t specifically the same. Both may share some similarities, however they additionally have their differences.

As an example, both fixie bikes and solitary rate bikes are fitted with just one equipment. Unlike dealt with equipment bikes, single-speed bicycles are furnished with a freewheel on the back center and also no inner gear hubs. Their cranks continue to be stable other than if the pedal is involved.

On the other hand, fixies are devoid of freewheels. For this reason, their gears are in consistent rotation as you ride them.

For the very best results, it’s anticipated that the fixie’s track cranksets should move likewise to the back wheel and also tire. When it’s time to bring your fixie to a stop, you’ll require to brake by locking both pedals. Reverse riding can be accomplished by involving the pedals in an in reverse direction.

If you want a bike for moving city website traffic, you can either get a solitary rate or dealt with gear bike. Due to the fact that they are basic, low-cost, and also have a low-maintenance style, these bikes are frequently made use of for travelling.

With either of these bikes, you can cycle at speeds as reduced as 15mph and additionally get to speeds of about 60mph. You should know that reaching greater rates on these bikes would take some amount of method.

When contrasted to other bike models like the road bike or mtb, these ones do not usually relocate as quickly.

Their major side over the competitors is their low maintenance as well as easy usage. Although they may not reach speeds of other bikes, they are still with the ability of relocating at substantially high speeds.


We hope this guide has been helpful in your search for the best fixed gear bikes. It’s important to remember that every rider is different, so it can be difficult to choose a bike without trying them out first! If you’re not sure what type of bike will suit you best, we recommend taking some time at the local shop and chatting with an expert about which bicycle would work well for your needs. And if there are any questions or concerns after reading our list of reviews, please feel free to reach out – we’ll do our very best to help make sure you find the perfect ride. Safe riding and happy cycling!