Do You Wear Underwear Under Bike Shorts?

Do you put on underwear under bike shorts is one typical concern we speak with every beginner cyclist and also the answer often leaves them shocked and baffled.

Well, if you’re one of those people wondering what to wear under bike shorts, the simple solution is that you don’t put on anything. That’s right, you go task force.

However, in many cases, you can put on underwear with cycling shorts, which has its very own list of limitations. So, when do you wear underwear with biking shorts?

Continue reading ahead to figure out whether or not using underwear is alright when cycling!

Do You Wear Underwear with Cycling Shorts?

The evident response is no, you do not wear underwear with bike shorts.

While going task force might make you really feel unbelievably unpleasant, it has lots of benefits. This is in terms of enhancing the aerodynamic abilities in addition to maintaining the overall bicyclist aesthetic.

Allow’s take a look at the reasons why you’re better off not putting on underwear when getting into biking as a sport.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wear Underwear with Bike Shorts

Now that we know the apparent response, here are all the reasons why you must avoid them and what benefits they have.

The underwear joints tend to rub against the sensitive skin down there, which can create incredibly excruciating chafing. This chafing makes longer biking rides very unpleasant and also can also cause saddle sores.

Biking shorts are specifically made to fit your body in such a way that the shorts provide support. They come with integrated padding to keep the chamois pad in the appropriate locations while your ride.

The integrated pads within the cycling shorts are developed to soak up sweat rapidly. If you wear underwear below, you can hamper the absorption price of these shorts. This may cause extreme problems such as establishing an urinary system tract infection.

Underwear isn’t designed to suit a cyclist, and also the material can usually make the area moist and also the skin soft. This makes the skin extra vulnerable to chafing and can make the trip incredibly agonizing.

An additional reason that you shouldn’t wear underwear under biking shorts is the evident panty line. Yes, the lycra product of the shorts sticks extremely limited to your body as well as will definitely provide you a noticeable panty line.

So, just how can you remain comfortable on the trip without overstepping your modesty limits? Certain items help you have a comfy trip while making you feel protected.

How to Stay Comfortable Throughout a Bike Ride

Below are all the suggestions and also techniques for you to be comfortable throughout your biking experience despite the absence of your undies.

1. Wear Padded Cycling Shorts

Cushioned cycling shorts can make your experience without underwear a little much more acceptable. First, you need to discover shorts that fit you snug. Any kind of tighter or looser might trigger chafing and also burns which you don’t want.

Due to the body framework differences between a male as well as women body, it’s much better to opt for the shorts that finest suit your type of body and also make you really feel comfy.

Additionally, the chamois pad is available in a range of thicknesses depending on the sort of cycling experience you’re seeking.

2. Wash Your Shorts Before Every Ride

This goes without claiming, however health is incredibly important in marinating your health down there. It additionally contributes in making the cycling experience enjoyable. Constantly use a fresh set of shorts when pursuing cycling.

Your cycling shorts are replacing your underwear, so it’s best to clean them each and every single day to prevent the opportunities of obtaining contaminated same as you cleanse your backpack.

Likewise, once you come back, quickly take those shorts off and also shower. Tidy your genital areas as well as the location around it thoroughly to decrease the spread of any type of bacteria. It’s likewise a good suggestion to shave your legs for enhanced health.

3. Get the Right Saddle Cover

Locating the right saddle cover resembles finding your soulmate. While saddle covers can be found in various designs, thickness, and also sizes, it’s suggested to pick one that functions finest with your body contours.

While one may assume that too much padding causes severe comfort that seldom is the case for saddle covers. You ought to try to find covers that are made with cuts and alleviations to sustain the butt while giving you comfort when you relax the whole weight of your body on it.

Lengths also play a significant duty in identifying the convenience worth for the individual. As well long or too short might make the ride packed with pain.

The same opts for the size, as well large or short can create chafing also after putting on the best shorts. We recommend you test out various saddle covers before going for one.

4. Apply Chamois Cream

In case you’re still experiencing chafing after taking all precautionary measures, after that chamois lotion is your rescuer. This first aid cream targets saddle soreness on both fronts as well as chafing.

By lubing up, the area between you as well as the chamois can assist decrease the possibilities of obtaining severely chaffed. The anti-bacterial and also anti-inflammatory residential or commercial properties of the chamois lotion help in reducing bacterial development. They decrease the possibilities of obtaining infected better.

You can easily discover chamois creams at your local drug stores as well as pharmacies. While these lotions come in tubes, it’s probably best to locate ones that are in tubes. This is to prevent the opportunities of infecting the entire tube.

You can likewise take these creams in addition to you on flights and also utilize them during your breaks to obtain immediate alleviation.


The issue, if you must put on underwear under bike shorts when utilizing a recumbent stationary bicycle, can usually leave you stunned, but by following our ideas and methods we guarantee you that you will not feel the slightest little discomfort when riding your bicycle.

We really hope that you discovered this article handy in determining what to put on under biking shorts as well as making your biking experience enjoyable, and also now you can easily shift right into putting on biking shorts without underwear.

Pleased biking!