How To Choose The Best BMX Bikes

The BMX bikes come in a variety of styles for a variety of activities, from BMX Freestyle BMX Racing and to just stroll around the neighborhood or go to school. Whether you plan to compete or just want to feel that sense of freedom that comes with putting two wheels down and chewing the pavement, we have a BMX Bike that adapts to your driving style. Race bikes are divided into sizes and are also available to browse brands. Freestyle bicycles are separated by brand. Small bicycles are in their own category to make it easier to find small bicycles for small cyclists in your life.

The first formally organized motocross race took place in July 1969 in a park in Santa Monica, California. In the 50 years since then, the term ” BMX ” has been applied indiscriminately to everything from the Olympic races to the arcane and specialized discipline of the freestyle of the plains, with a myriad of intermediate uses. It could be said that it is the most diverse and inclusive way of riding a bicycle that exists, covering coastal cultures, urban acrobatics and tough rural competition in a unique and undefined concept.

While most BMX bicycles are strongly evolved towards a particular subgenre, their inherent simplicity means that they are easier to adapt for other activities of a speed as well. The same bike can often run on the track, around a skate park and in a street-style environment. That said, it is a good idea to reduce the focus a bit before shopping.

This selection of cheap bmx bikes are the best you can find in the market. Here you can buy bmx bike that suits you according to what you like to do. There are all types of BMX bikes starting with the colors to the reason why you would use it: black bmx, gray bmx, freestyle bmx.

The best BMX Bikes recommended for you

Race, Dirt, Vert, Street, Retro and BikeLife

With a few notable exceptions, most BMX bicycles fall into one of six categories. The racing bikesThey are optimized for speed, with frames made of lightweight materials and extremely specific dimensions (Super cross, one of the most popular competition-oriented brands, has in stock 12 frame sizes for the 20-inch wheel and six frame sizes for “cruising” races, using a 24-inch wheel). Ground, park and street bicycles share the same robust construction and the same steel frame aesthetics, but each one is subtly optimized for a particular place. The retro category is quite new; It combines modern design and features with graphics and the approximate appearance of BMX bicycles from the 1970s and 1980s. Last but not least,

If you (or your child) want to go racing, nothing but a competition-oriented bike will really satisfy. Almost everyone else will be better served with something from the “dirt” or “park” category.

Frame, fork and handlebar

The most common measurements of a table are the following: 20.0 and 21.2 ”. Being the measure for beginners between 20.0 and 20.5 ”; between 20.5 and 21.0 ”, the intermediate level; between 20.5 and 21“, advanced and between 20.5 and 21.2 ”, the measure for team. In addition, both frame and fork and handle have to be at least 4130 and, if heat treated, better.

Size-height ratio of the frame

To be able to consider this point it is necessary that you first think about the stupidity and the use that you are going to give it. And, above all, to your aesthetic tastes. If you are going to do Race, they will be quite long, both the front and the rear triangle. However, for Street or Vert they tend to be shorter, which allows faster turns: they are more manageable.

Wheel and frame size selection

Potential runners from childhood to 20 years of age should choose a 20-inch bike that fits their height and crotch. Unlike their road and mountain counterparts, BMX bicycle manufacturers do not adhere to a common size standard. “Pro XL” of one company can be “Pro” or “Pro XXL” in another. Please check the size chart of your preferred manufacturer before ordering.

Freestyle and / or recreational riders have a wider range of options. Manufacturers like Sunday offer skateboard-specific bmx bikes with 12 to 22-inch wheels and a variety of frame sizes as well. BikeLife audiences tend to prefer 26 or 29 inch wheels, although 24 and 27.5 inch options are also available.

One thing that older riders should know: If you are going to jump on your new BMX bike, you should strongly consider getting a 24-inch or larger wheel. Most 20-inch BMX frames have the bottom bracket axle than the axles, for ground clearance purposes. This leads to the feeling of sitting or standing “on the bicycle” instead of “on the bicycle.” Beginner riders will probably find this feeling very uncomfortable. When in doubt, go to one of the 26-inch offerings.

While some of the parts of a motorcycle will affect the size, it is very important to consider the length of a frame when deciding which motorcycle best suits your needs. The length of a frame changes the position of the cyclist on the bicycle and the position of the parts of the bicycle; Therefore, it is important to choose something that suits your needs.

The size is usually reduced to personal preferences. It is commonly understood that a taller rider must ride a longer frame, and vice versa for a shorter rider. The length of a frame influences the response of your motorcycle when you drive it. Short frames may be better for technical pilots who grind and get stuck a lot, because short frames are generally more sensitive and fast, which makes them better for technical tricks. Longer frames may be better for cyclists who want speed and stability, because shorter frames often feel nervous and tight when moving at high speeds. Cyclists who walk on trails or who want to move faster on a bicycle, usually ride in longer frames.

If you are not sure which frame size would work best for your driving, use the following guidelines, but be sure to try several sizes before buying a bicycle.


For beginners, weight is very important, since, the lower the weight, the less resistance. It is preferable to carry a heavy bike with significant resistance than a light bike that in the long run implies a greater expense. For the more advanced, they must choose between something light and resistant (which will be somewhat expensive), resistant and cheap (which will be heavy).


It is not advisable to make a drastic decision, such as taking a bike devoid of brakes from the beginning with the first BMX you buy. A frame with brakes can be used in brakeless mode, however, one without brackets cannot carry brakes. Our recommendation is that you think very well if you are a beginner, even those of intermediate novel, since health comes first.

Types of BMX Bicycles

BMX Racing Complete bike 

BMX Racing bicycles are designed for speed and performance. They use a lighter frame and components and, therefore, are not intended for the most stressful ways of driving. If you plan to travel anywhere other than the race track, look in the other categories listed below.

BMX Race Bikes bikes were born on backyard tracks and vacant lots. In the 70s, what happened through a BMX Bike would have looked a little different, but the spirit of competing to win remains the same. Today’s Racing Bikes are stronger, lighter and designed specifically for the intense racing action you’ve seen on the local track or perhaps in the broadcast of the Olympic Games. From the entry level to the highest of the line, we have something for every competitor in your family.


BMX Street Complete Bike

Street BMX bicycles use frames that are similar to those in the Freestyle category, and often use the same materials and sizes. The difference between the two categories is found in the components available on bicycles. This complete style is installed without brakes and typically has four pins.


BMX Freestyle Completes

BMX Freestyle bicycles cover several different categories of driving, including park, dirt and vert. These complete often come with brakes, a gyro and pegs. This category of bicycles covers all bases, using components that will be useful for any driving style. This is the best option for people who are new to this sport.

BMX Freestyle bicycles are designed to beat up in the street, at the local skatepark, on the trails or in the ground jump park. Strong, light and elegant, these bicycles stand out from the crowd and really show the individuality of the riders. With endless colors and combinations of parts, there are more BMX bicycles in this category than in any other. Freestyle bicycles are also excellent for the neighborhood, thanks to long-lasting materials, large indulgent tires and the supply of spare and upgrade parts. Don’t get stuck throwing money on a bike from a department store, when you could get something that will really last.



BMXs are bicycles that are mainly used to perform tricks: (the stunts that bikers do). There is a wide variety of tricks that can be performed, either in the air or on asphalt, in addition to a large number of combinations that can be made from such tricks.

BMX bicycles are specially designed for those stunts that only bikers can do. They are ideal for those who enjoy the practice of “bike motocross” or any other of its acrobatic modalities. Being low frame, they are very good vehicles for children who are learning to ride a bike, hence many children’s bicycles use this geometry.

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