How to Cut a Bike Lock with 4 Tools

Intend to find out just how to reduce a bike lock? Good for you! Absolutely nothing is more empowering than understanding that you can perform this basic however crucial task for your bike.

This is particularly important when you take into consideration the truth that reducing a bike lock is something that every bike owner will certainly need to do at some point, so you might as well discover how to do it as well as do it right.

As you’ll soon see, this is more than just a message on just how to cut a cord lock, but instead a complete guide on the various ways in which one can go about doing this.

Read on as we share with you exactly how to cut a bicycle lock and shield it from thieves that might intend to utilize a few of these ideas to swipe your pride and joy.

How to Cut Through a Bike Lock

Discovering how to puncture a bike lock calls for that you follow a fixed set of steps using particular devices and also keeping in mind the type of lock that you’re collaborating with.

1. Cable Cutter

Utilize a cable cutter to cut through your wire lock. These cable television cutters are quite simple ahead by as well as they are available in all different types and dimensions. They’re additionally extremely reliable and also will release your bike lock from its area within seconds.

Of course, you might constantly go with a more aggressive device such as a hack saw which is also quite preferred at cutting U-locks as well as cable locks alike. With a sharp hack saw by your side, you’ll experience simply exactly how reliable as well as very easy it is to cut through any bicycle lock.

Both devices are easy to use but hacksaws are specifically useful at cutting through slim chains although they might take longer to get this particular work done.

2. Bolt Cutter

You can additionally make use of a bolt cutter to cut your bike lock, specifically if you’re making use of a wire lock. All you need to do is clamp the bolt cutter as soon as and also the bike lock will come apart.

These kinds of cutters been available in various sizes, including medium to large-sized versions that are excellent at overcoming a U-lock as well as cable television lock.

You may also use hydraulic container jacks to break apart a sturdy U-lock. That’s due to the fact that these jacks are made to manage a hard lock as well as pry it open by applying lots of stress.

3. Hammer

As you find out how to damage a bike chain lock, you’ll locate that there are many different devices that you can utilize for this, including a hammer.

To get one of the most out of a hammer in this situation, you intend to put the lock against a hard surface to make sure that it can effectively damage the chain. You can utilize a rock, placed it on the ground or location it against a wall surface as well.

If you don’t have accessibility to a hammer, you can utilize a crowbar also. Crowbars are especially reliable at breaking a U-lock specifically. You can utilize the crowbar to tear the U-lock besides the center. The result is very enjoyable if you utilize a long crowbar due to the fact that it’ll provide you much more utilize.

Keeping that said, U-locks just have a lot space to insert the crowbar right into so you should maintain this in mind prior to you start utilizing it since you’ll require to be careful as well as fragile.

4. Portable Grinder

If you’ve attempted all of the various devices and also techniques pointed out over as well as your bike lock still will not budget– congratulations!

This means you have an actually difficult bike lock but that’s not what you want to hear. Your next best wager is to make use of a mobile mill that will properly appear the lock ensured.

Certain, mobile mills are noisier than the other tools, however they’re well worth it due to the ensured success.

Why Cut a Bike Lock?

Why would certainly you wish to discover exactly how to cut a bike lock wire?

Well, generally, you want to be prepared the following time you get involved in an emergency and also need to rapidly uncouple your bike lock from the bike.

Regardless, there are multiple circumstances where learning just how to reduce a bike chain lock will be available in handy, such as the following:

1. Tampered Lock

If you have kids around after that you may awaken one day to find that they’ve tampered with your bike lock while having fun.

Actually, kids have actually been known to place sticks as well as other strange things onto stuff while playing which will clearly make it near to impossible for you to insert your bike lock key into the called for opening.

If you can’t open your lock or perhaps gain access to the hole as a result of this, then your best bet is to suffice open.

2. Lost Keys

Among one of the most common reasons individuals need to cut their bike locks is due to the fact that they’ve shed their tricks and have no other way to access your bike.

As opposed to panicking for a couple of hours and hysterically searching for your tricks, instead damage the lock making use of the abilities you found out right here.

3. Broken Lock

Although unusual, you may discover one day that the actual lock is damaged. A bike lock can break as a result of prolonged direct exposure to the aspects as well as likewise because it’s simply too old.

It is at this point that you’ll thank yourself for having read this overview on how to cut a bike lock.


If you have actually made it this much, then you formally recognize exactly how to cut a bike lock making use of various devices. You’ll never panic again when you find that your bike lock has either been tampered with or you’ve lost the secret.

It matters not what scenario you find yourself in, you’ll have the self-confidence that comes with recognizing that you can manage it.

You’ll never ever get stranded or caught since you can not relocate your bike therefore a stuck bike lock. You’ve currently added another important skill to your collection as well as can call yourself a correct bike proprietor!