How to Do a Bike Fit Yourself at Home

Bike installation is ending up being progressively preferred as well as for around $150, a specialist can examine your bike’s position to make certain comfy and also secure riding.

Pay 4 times that quantity as well as you can access a physio-led fit complete with a typical biochemical evaluation and even a wind tunnel aero-optimization solution.

All of these solutions come at a rate that you may not agree to pay, which is why we have actually created this guide on just how to do a bike fit by yourself, particularly if you have a fat tire bike, without paying a solitary cent.

How to Do a Bike Fit

The following actions are as simple as they are straightforward. A proper roadway bike fit will certainly assist you to delight in a quicker as well as safer ride by keeping the right setting.

As soon as you discover how to do a bike fit yourself, you’ll never ever again need to pay somebody else to do it for you.

Read on to conserve your time and your money.

1. Keep the Saddle at the Right Height

It deserves noting that there’s no solitary vital bike dimension. Nevertheless, it’s useful to keep your saddle at the best elevation in order to bring it right into equilibrium with your overall bike setup.

Maintaining your saddle in the appropriate elevation can assist maintain you in a comfortable position when cycling for long distances, enhance pedaling effectiveness, as well as also protect against knee injuries.

Thankfully, readjusting saddle elevation is fairly simple. All you need to do is mount the fat bike for ladies and also rotate the pedal with a torque wrench up until it’s positioned at a 6 o’clock angle.

The pedal axle is where you need to put the round of your foot while somewhat bending your knee. The knee flexion should go to 27 to 37 degrees at the pedal stroke’s bottom dead center.

2. Optimize Saddle Setback

After ensuring that your saddle is at the appropriate height, you’ll need to resolve your bike seat’s fore/aft setting dimension.

If you wish to ride injury-free after that you’ll wish to ensure optimum saddle problem. The objective is to avoid the bicycle seat from going too far in the forward position, as this might result in patella tendon torque as well as overreach.

The first thing you require to do when applying a saddle problem is to align your knee with the pedal axle while making certain that the pedals go to a placement of 2 o’clock and 9 o’clock.

Get in front of the knee cap as well as location a plumb line to return to a neutral starting setting. This is usually when the plumb line is positioned in the 3 o’clock setting before the pedal axle.

From this point, it becomes simpler to make forward and also backwards adjustments to make certain that you maintain a comfy riding design.

3. Fix the Position of the Cleat

You can’t discover just how to do a bike fit without discovering clear setting. This describes the way in which you put your foot on the pedal which is what controls your knee angle while pedaling.

Placing your foot in the appropriate direction can additionally aid in keeping conditions like Achilles ligament and also foot feeling numb at bay.

Use your cycling shoe and afterwards mark the part where it meets the ball of your foot from the interior. The goal is to guarantee that this dot is lined up with your pedal axle whenever you place your foot on the pedal. If that’s not the case, then you should adjust the cleat’s fore/aft setting.

Keep in mind of the cleat’s angle as well as stay clear of exceedingly rotating your toes away or in the pedals. Maintain your cleat configuration as neutral as possible like many pedals, yours could include a bit of float which is developed to make it possible for pedaling side-movement. You can constantly make micro-changes from a neutral position.

4. Adjust the Handlebar Reach

One novice’s error that commonly occurs is changing the saddle problem in order to adjust handlebar reach. This can entirely put your setting out of order and also makes it difficult for you to benefit from actions 1 and also 2 of your bike fit.

The clever point to do would be to focus on readjusting stem size and also handlebar height rather than fiddling with the saddle and usage roadway bike handlebar tape. The previous dimensions are often customized and also depend on your one-of-a-kind riding style.

For example, racing bikers commonly require an extra aggressive and also reduced saddle setting as this manages them boosted the rules of aerodynamics. That’s why their go-to is a longer stem as well as lower handlebar height.

On the other hand, informal bikers and endurance athletes alike usually go with a comfy upright position as their go-to which means a much shorter stem and greater handlebar elevation. Various other adding elements include hamstring flexibility as well as your body’s reachability.

If you want an efficient beginning setting, then attempt to keep the location between your arms as well as upper back at a 90-degree angle while maintaining your hands on the hoods. Keep the lower back as well as hips at a 45-degree angle where it’ll be simpler for you to make small adjustments to enjoy an extra customized trip.

5. Measure Frame Size

In their sizing charts, the majority of producers typically include dimensions of the inside leg, height, and also sex as establishing factors. Mount geometry depends upon each specific version so each bike may need an unique size.

If you’re one of those people whose dimensions are in between two sizes, after that your next best strategy is to determine your reach. This refers to the period of your arm from fingertip to fingertip, minus your elevation, and also it can additionally be referred to as your “Ape Index”.

A positive Ape Index refers to an arm period that’s longer than your elevation as well as it indicates you should opt for a size up. Otherwise, after that you must op for a dimension down or a smaller one.


Now that you have actually read this write-up, you won’t ever have to pay through the nose to have a person do it for you.

As you can see, it’s exceptionally crucial to recognize your special demands including your distinct riding design, dimensions, and also dimension in order to figure out just how to do a bike fit in your home. We highly suggest you obtain a bike alarm also to keep your bicycle secure in any way times.