How to Choose Bike Stem Length: 3 Factors to Consider

If you’re taking a look at it from the perspective of the whole bike, bike stem length is an essential dimension that permits you to make the much-needed change to your bike. It can influence various variables such as bike handling and feel.

Stem length hasn’t always been adjustable or flexible like the bike seat article. It all began when Marshall Taylor created the world’s initial flexible stem in the late 19th century.

He did this through making use of a moving clamp which could be utilized to shift handlebars far from the individual riding the solitary speed bike. Now, stem size is quite versatile and can increase to 50mm and also even 150mm.

It is necessary to bear in mind that every part in your bike is interconnected so altering a bike stem can entirely revolutionize other elements of your bike, consisting of transforming the bike’s feeling.

How to Choose the Best Bike Stem Length

1. Front Wheel Weight

Stem size plays a substantial duty in establishing front wheel weight which would contribute in your selection of bike service provider. A longer stem generally equates to added weight to the front of the bars.

This makes it simpler to preserve stability when zipping via at high speeds. However, it can likewise result in a less responsive feeling.

2. Bike Steering

Bike steering is likewise impacted by the trail and head angle or bike mirrors that you may have affixed to the handlebar. Nevertheless, stem length can either plain or help these impacts.

Brief stems typically cause a steering wheel feeling which is unbelievably accountable however it can also feel twitchy.

A longer stem translates to slower handling that makes it tough to accomplish sluggish rate steering but you’ll still be able to attain bike security at broadband.

3. Stem Reversing

It’s also essential to understand just how to reverse the stem when identifying just how to select the stem length of a road bike.

Stem turning around needs to be among the very best ways to improve your bike’s convenience aspect because it makes it feasible to appreciate an extra comfortable riding position where the handlebars are higher than usual.

On the one hand, you have a tilted setting that allows you to keep an upright setting while the various other is flat as well as hostile.

For best results, we suggest you check your stem to ensure that you end up in a placement that’s much less difficult for your back. The good news is that high tilt stems are versatile adequate to be turned around to allow a much more comfortable riding position.


As you can see, it does not take much to discover how to select mountain bicycle stem length.

One of the most crucial thing is to ensure that you end up with a comfy bike that will not place unnecessary pressure on your lower back. Luckily, stem length is changeable so the setting you select to adopt is truly approximately you. It can go from 50mm right to 150mm and also past.

It’ll additionally affect the bike’s guiding power as well as capacity, as well as the bike’s weight distribution.