How to Measure Bike Helmet Size in 5 Steps

Wearing a helmet is an essential safety need when riding a bike. Nevertheless, if you do not get the best size, the helmet can not maintain you risk-free and also comfy. So, it’s suggested to know exactly how to determine your bike helmet size before you get one on your own.

A properly sized model with quality mtb helmet lights will certainly provide you the very best defense from injury and also maximum convenience. In this post, I’ll show to you the actions to figure out the ideal bike helmet size.

How to Choose the Bike Helmet That Will Perfectly Fit You

Like I pointed out previously, a helmet is an important security device for anybody riding a bike. It doesn’t matter whether you’re simply riding your bike for enjoyable, or you’re an athlete, you need to get the appropriate dimension for your bike helmet. Or else, it can’t keep you safe and comfortable, specifically if you’re hill biking.

I know that there are a number of innovative and also beautiful helmet makes around. But don’t overlook the comfort and safety that any kind of headgear will certainly give you. And also you can’t get these 2 attributes if the headgear doesn’t fit your head flawlessly.

So, in the following few sentences, I will certainly be showing you some useful ideas to pick the appropriate dimension of your bike helmet.

1. Measure Your Head

It’s easy to measure the size of your head. All you need to do is to get a soft tape or item of string as well as use it to perform the measurement.

The first thing you need to do is to cover the soft tape measure or string around your head little above your brows and also remember of the measurement.

If you like using a string, hold it straight as well as flat alongside the tape measure after dimension. The factor for this is to establish the precision of the measurement.

2. Put the Helmet On

You might slip up while gauging your head. So, after selecting a helmet that matches your head measurement, it’s advised to try it on prior to leaving.

The first thing you must do is to examine whether the headgear sits degree on your head and also you can still see the bike mirror that you have actually mounted on the handlebar. And also the front must have to do with an inch over your eyebrow; this is the only means it can safeguard your temple.

Every headgear has a retention system which you can make use of to change its fit on your head. Once more, ensure that there’s no area between the helmet and your head. Otherwise, it will certainly not feel tight when you use it.

Do not forget to check out for stress points, when you observe any kind of; the safety helmet is also small. Always pay more focus to safety and convenience than style.

3. Tighten the Chin Strap

It would help if you bent up after wearing your helmet. It’s simple this. Simply attach as well as tighten up the chin strap. The essence of tightening up the chin strap is to make the helmet feel extra comfortable beneath your chin.

Now, you will feel the helmet pushing versus your head. This is an indicator that the safety helmet is a perfect dimension.

4. Shake Your Head

A shake test is another great method to choose the right size of a bike helmet. It includes drinking your head back and also front. If it shifts significantly, make use of the retention system to change it.

Normally, if the headgear is the right dimension for your head, it shouldn’t relocate more than one inch in any direction as well as neither need to your bike helmet mirror if installed properly.

5. Enjoy Your Ride

Let me advise you of something– your helmet shake test is essential. Attempt to provide it a fast shake examination prior to going out for any type of ride. It’s the best means to keep yourself safe while cruising with your bike.

How to Choose the Proper Bike Helmet Size for Kids

Bike safety helmets aren’t meant for adults alone; children likewise require it. If you are riding a bike with your child, he/she requires to put on a headgear to keep him risk-free.

While the same guidelines of choosing the best helmet size for adults apply to youngsters, it’s occasionally challenging to recognize if a specific headgear fits your kid’s head perfectly. This is due to the fact that many youngsters can not exactly discuss exactly how snug their headgear really feels.

In any way times, take notice of your child’s convenience while making use of a helmet. And also always bear in mind that any kind of safety helmet that’s as well big is dangerous for your kid.

Bike Helmet Fit Systems

If you recognize exactly how to determine bike helmet size, you will most likely understand just how bike helmet fit systems work. Most modern bike helmets have ratcheting fit systems or detachable pads; they both help to change the fit of the helmet.

1. Ratcheting Fit System

The ratcheting bike helmet fit system provides a close fit, and also it’s much less most likely to break down due to sweat. It either has a dial, crank, or ring at the back which allows you to personalize the fit. Bear in mind, the fitter a safety helmet on your head, the safer and a lot more comfy you will be when riding your bike.

2. Removable Pads

Some safety helmets feature removable pads which mostly feature a set of pads. With these pads, you can fully customize the safety helmet to fit you flawlessly.


Discovering how to gauge bike helmet size is less complicated than you assume. All you need to do is to follow the actions explained in this short article. Additionally, when obtaining a bike helmet, you need to consider security, fit, and convenience.

When a helmet fits your head completely, you’re less most likely to sustain injury when you have a crash with your bike. Once more, try to perform a shake examination whenever you want to ride your bike. Likewise, inculcate this routine on your youngster if you always go riding with them.

It doesn’t take much time to use your helmet and observe little safety tips. You need to spend time keeping your helmet secure on your head. Nevertheless, safety and security is everybody’s company.