How to Remove Bike Pedals in 6 Easy Steps

I’ve known how to get rid of bike pedals for many years currently. This knowledge has confirmed helpful to me in a number of scenarios.

There were times when I could not reach my bicycle auto mechanic for support and also I needed to remove the bike’s pedals. Thanks to my ability to handle the scenario myself, I was able to get myself out of a tight spot.

The question currently is: do you know exactly how to eliminate bike pedals? If you don’t, this post will certainly assist you. I have given the needed steps to adhere to when eliminating bike pedals. Maintain reading to understand more.

How to Remove Pedals from a Bike

Eliminating bike pedals isn’t a god-level task. This is something you can do within a short duration if you have a great bicycle tool kit and also you adhere to all the ideal steps we will experience below.

1. Stop Knuckle Wounds

To take off the bike’s pedals you don’t need to transform the bike upside down or hand it on a bike stand.

With the bike standing typically on its wheels, proceed to move the chain to the bigger ring. Doing this will certainly go long ways to avoid knuckle wounds arising from the chainring sliding.

2. Readjust the Position of the Crank

The next action is to change the crank’s setting. From the drive end, move the crank into a forward-pointing straight setting; this implies that the crank lies in a side-by-side manner with the ground below.

Generally, you can make use of an Allen trick with lots of bike pedals. Fit the Allen key below the crank, push down and also onward, as well as allow the pedal kip down an anticlockwise direction.

3. Do the Same Thing on the Right Side

Relocate to the other end and make adjustments to the crank’s placement on the right. This time around the crank should depend on a backward-pointing 180 ⁰ straight setting.

Place the Allen type in the very same place as the previous action– the pedal needs to relocate a clockwise instructions. Afterwards, roll off the pedal. Don’t lose the washers in the process.

4. Inspect Everything

The following step is cleaning up and also evaluating. Change your interest to the axle strings and also the interior of the crank’s end.

As you clean these areas, observe to see if anything is spoilt. You might require a tapping tool if those locations have actually begun putting on.

5. Apply Oil on the Pedals

If the axle strings haven’t worn out, you can continue to use some grease to the pedals. The application of oil to the pedals acts as a means of lubrication as well as friction-reduction.

In this manner, the pedals can turn efficiently as you engage them when riding your bike. Adding grease additionally makes it very easy to eliminate them at another time.

6. Rotate the Pedals

After completing the previous procedures, it’s time to rotate the pedals back on. Inspect the body of the pedals for indicators of which is right as well as which is left.

Acquire the washers you eliminated previously and put them back in the bicycle. Meticulously spin the pedals back right into put on the crank. Turn the left pedal anticlockwise and also transform the right pedal clockwise.

I attempted all these actions when exercising exactly how to remove pedals on a Trip race bike, and also they worked perfectly.

Why Do I Have to Remove Bicycle Pedals?

Bike pedals, like all bike devices, would generally run efficiently when the bike is new or recently serviced, however problems may be experienced when pedaling later on.

After some time, dust as well as grease start to build up on the surface of the pedals. This implies that the once smooth pedals begin to really feel unpleasant to your feet. Your feet may even keep slipping off as you ride the bike. This isn’t a pleasant impact and also it may even result in mishaps.

In addition to dust and also grease structure up, the pedal’s rubber covering additionally becomes worn out over time. The rubber is expected to boost grip on the foot. Nonetheless, once it gets actually used, the rubber fails to supply your feet with the needed traction/grip.


Understanding exactly how to remove bike pedals without a pedal wrench can help you in a determined scenario. Eliminating bike pedals is a straightforward procedure that you can do on your own. Thus far as you adhere to the ideal steps, you’ll remove as well as re-install the pedals rapidly.

In addition to understanding how to eliminate stuck bike pedals, you need to likewise grow a behavior of lubricating them once in a while. This will certainly decrease rubbing and also offer area for a smooth transition.

The bike pedals are normally eliminated by turning them in different instructions; depending on which one is being gotten rid of, maybe clockwise or anticlockwise.