How to Shorten a Bike Chain With and Without Chain Tool

Bike chains are among the important components of a bicycle. A faulty bike chain can result in many troubles for your biking experience.

They often tend to extend and also get loose over the wheel, which makes the bike shed its energy or even worse shed all its activity. In these situations, learning this can verify to be a helpful ability.

Sometimes one can unknowingly ruin the bike chain web link elimination procedure, so it’s necessary to find out just how to remove links from a bike chain the right way.

Here we explain the procedure of exactly how to shorten a bike chain, the equipment you require for it in addition to how to do it without a chain device.

Allow’s get started!

Why Do You Need to Shorten Your Bike Chain?

Before proceeding to discover just how to reduce a bike chain, it’s crucial that you obtain a mutual understanding of whether your chain needs shortening or replacement.

All bikes have a certain chain size and you need to keep this size to prevent any kind of more troubles.

Bike chains are the reason behind the activity of the bike and obtain them in appropriate turning. If your chain doesn’t fit properly, the motion of the bike gets disrupted and significantly hinders your cycling experience.

Both most usual factors are:

  • When your bike chain has actually obtained loose with time due to damage
  • When the substitute chain isn’t the proper size for your bike

While the process of reducing a bike chain appears complicated, with the appropriate equipment, you can do the job in the house in no time at all.

Below we’ve also pointed out just how to shorten a bike chain without a chain device as well.

How to Shorten a Bicycle Chain

Initially, ensure that the bike chain requires shortening by taking the dimensions. To do so, action 12 web links and ensure it makes 12 inches. Any longer indicates a loose and also damaged chain that needs to be reduced.

After measuring the bike chain, right here are the steps you require to follow to eliminate the excessive links and get the desired bike chain length:

1. Get Yourself the Compatible Chain Tool

Buying global chain tools makes the job extra comfortable. Yet in case you can’t find one, contact your bike producer to get a chain elimination tool developed just for your bike version.

2. Area Your Bike on a Stand

Putting it on a stand gets rid of the opportunity of the bike leaning as well as turning over as well as makes the assessment and removal process easier.

3. Clean Your Bike Chain Thoroughly

Cleaning your bike chain will certainly supply you with a much better sight of the chain’s problem and also will certainly assist in keeping a good condition.

4. Find the Master Link

After cleansing your chain, the following step is to discover the master-link. Relax the master-link and also remove it according to its particular type. Keep the master link away in a secure area.

5. Eliminate the Chain Links

Based on the advised dimensions, you can obtain a good idea of the number of links needed to be gotten rid of.

Take it slow-moving and comfortable so that you don’t overdo it. Don’t discard the links you eliminated as you’ll require them in the future if you occur to make the chain also short.

6. Rebuild the Chain

Make use of the chain to attach completions of the master-link and also press its pink till you listen to a confirmatory click audio.

Attach both ends and also viola; you have your new bike chain all ready. Now you can ride your bicycle a lot more conveniently and your chain will last much longer.

How to Shorten a Bike Chain Without a Chain Tool

While the process of eliminating the chain links is relatively similar, in this circumstance, you’ll need a separate listing of devices to do the job equally as well just like the aid of a chain device.

You will require:

  • Small-sized nail
  • A set of durable pliers
  • Hammer
  • Little clamps for holding the chain properly in place

Once you have the devices ready, you can start the reducing procedure. As mentioned formerly, take the measurements to figure out the variety of web links you require to remove.

After that adhere to the steps ahead to finish the procedure:

  • Locating the master link. Prop your bike against the wall or location it on the bike stand to get a great view. After that thoroughly try to find the master-link and also remove it. Maintain the master web link in a refuge.
  • Making a decision the variety of web links you require to remove. Take a tiny part of the bike chain to check out the variety of links that require to be eliminated. It is constantly suggested to eliminate individually and to inspect what works best for you. Maintain the gotten rid of chain links with you in case you require to reattach them.
  • Disengage the master web link as well as other excessive links. After detaching the master web link, keep holding the loosened link with the clamp as well as reach for the pin. Now you can utilize your tiny nail plus the set of pliers to remove it completely. To do this task, position the nail over the hook as well as remain to gently strike it with the pliers. Do this till the web link pushes out. Repeat this treatment on all the other links you want to get rid of.
  • Reattaching the master link. Now place the master link back in its location with a screwdriver as well as do so till you listen to the confirmatory click noise. Currently, inspect the chain and also examination it bent on see if the ideal chain length is attained.


We hope that through this article, you have actually efficiently discovered exactly how to reduce a bicycle chain.

This ability can be found in useful on a regular basis for normal bikers, and also now you can conserve yourself the time and cash from making excessive trips to the technician’s area.

Now you can finish the job with or without a chain to