Different Types of Bike Carriers and Their Pros and Cons

Are you seeking to take your brand-new bike out on journeys outdoors? If so, you’re most likely wondering what’s the very best method you can transport it. For individuals with no previous experience in bike shelfs and mounting, identifying the safest, most hassle-free means to carry their bicycle from point A to point B can take up a lot of power as well as time.

Bike racks, also referred to as bike carriers, can be found in a variety of design and styles, such as rear-mounted, that can attach to the hatchback or boot; roof-mounted, that can connect to the roof covering shelf or bars; and also tow point-mounted, that attaches to the tow round or tow bar. Virtually any car can use any type of bike provider, as long as it has the appropriate arrangements in place.

Nevertheless, these added arrangements may end up costing you a little additional, which can also affect your decision concerning which bike service provider layout would certainly match you best, not simply in regards to what kind as well as number of bikes you intend on carrying, but your budget also.

Types of Bike Carriers

Here are the main types of bike carriers you can find in the market:

Rear-Mounted Carriers

Rear-mounted bike carriers are one of the most preferred option for many people new to bike transport. It’s an affordable choice, features a standard style, as well as is very easy to mount and also uninstall from your car.

Its building and construction is comprised of a steel framework, with 4-6 bands hooking it protect to the sides of the hatchback or vehicle boot, as well as 2 arms where the bicycles hang. Yet although these bike carriers are basic, there are some variables to take note of.

As an example, not all rear-mounted service providers are compatible with all types of cars. Nonetheless, you can still locate some, such as the Yakima bike carrier versions that fit most lorries effortlessly.

It’s recommended that you get your bike carriers from respectable companies, because besides, you’ll be mounting expensive bikes on them, and the last thing you desire is to hear a loud sound behind you mid-transit.

The only reason I pointed out the Yakima bike provider is because I utilize one myself. Yet there are plenty of various other brand names you can choose from, such as Rex, Pacific, Thule, SeaSucker, Saris, Dakine, etc.

When you get a rear-mounted provider, spend some time to get made use of to installing it. Tighten up the bands as securely as feasible during the initial fitting, and then ascertain them when you place the bikes. You can make use of some type of cushioning in between the bicycles to prevent damage, as well as bungee every one of them with each other.

Do a triple-check if you’re worried about the provider trembling while driving, yet do not obtain as well paranoid as there’s bound to be some trembling. Last but not least, make certain these sorts of bike carriers doesn’t obstruct your number plate or lights.

Roof-Mounted Carriers

Roof-mounted carriers secure onto the bars that are fitted to stumble upon your lorry’s roofing system.

They can hold your bicycle in a few various methods, yet one of the most typical 2 are utilizing a front bar onto which you can attach a bike of your picking after eliminating the front wheel of the bike, or a rotating arm that clamps around the bike’s down tube.

Personally, I suggest getting a model that utilizes the 2nd technique, as removing your bicycle’s front wheel and then placing it back on can be tedious.

The most significant benefit of roof-mounted bike providers is that you can fit as several as five bicycles, depending on your vehicle’s size so see to it you check the bike weight as well. When installing numerous bicycles on a roofing system carrier, make certain you top and tail them, indicating you alternating the method each bike is indicating see to it you make one of the most out of your roofing area.

On the drawback, you have to be high and rather solid to utilize roof covering providers, as well as you need to keep in mind that the bikes will include a reasonable quantity of elevation to your vehicle. This can also alter its aerodynamics, resulting in decreased gas efficiency.

Tow Point-Mounted Carriers

Tow factor- or ball-mounted bicycle providers secure to the back of your automobile, providing easy access to your bikes.

These service providers are really stable, as well as they’re swiftly becoming a prominent choice. In the past, they made use of to be rather hefty, yet nowadays, there are producers that have streamlined the design and also use lighter materials in their building and construction.

In addition, it was difficult otherwise difficult to access the boot when you mounted the bicycles on the service provider, yet contemporary versions currently can turning also after you fit the bikes, permitting easy access to the boot.

The downside is that you require a tow bar or sphere. These aren’t one of the most inexpensive accessories, however if your lorry already has one, after that this is a non-issue. Moreover, some carriers include an incorporated lighting board. Every one of this makes these carriers the most effective choice for safely delivering numerous bikes.

Alternative Options

If your cars and truck is big sufficient, as well as you aren’t taking a trip with firm, you can move your bikes inside it.

To make the most area available, get rid of the front wheels of your bike, as well as lie them down with the chainset at the advantage. If you’re carrying numerous bicycles, relax them on top of each other, yet make sure you put some soft product in between so you don’t damage their paint work.

If you plan on bring greater than 4-5 bikes, you can integrate different place service providers, such as roof covering- plus tow- or rear-mounted service provider.

Additionally, you can get a bicycle-carrying trailer, which is a more expensive choice, but it gets the job done well


If you’re traveling with your kids and are carrying their bicycles also. It’s finest you put the smaller bicycles in the boot and also install the adult bikes on the roof.

Kids bikes fit a lot easier on rear-mounted options such as the Yakima bike rack, whereas grown-up bikes fit much better on tow bar and also tow round carriers.

While you can practically place all of the bikes on a roof-mounted or tow bar-mounted carrier, I would not trust it with safely holding all of them. So you certainly need one of the kinds of bike carriers discussed above.