What to Wear Biking in 50 Degree Weather

Wondering what to put on biking in 50-degree climate? You’re not the only one. You see, the problem with this specific temperature array is that it’s so uncertain. It’s not on either end of the extreme spectrum so it can be hard to find out what to use in these conditions.

The general rule when it comes to hill cycling is that you need to always wear awesome garments that enable you to gradually heat up and also acclimate to cool down climate condition and obtain a good bike pouch or bike pannier to maintain your basics protected. But, that’s just if you’re going out in a trendy climate.

Remember that due to the nature of the task, biking will normally increase your body’s temperature level. That’s why it’s suggested to avoid starting your trail with too many layers of clothes.

What to Wear Cycling in 50 Degree Weather

The good news is that you have a wide range of clothing items to choose from and we’ve got an entire list of them to help you get prepared for the next ride in 50-degree temperature weather.

1. Cycling Shorts

Is 50 degrees too cold for shorts? You want to take into consideration the weather when getting cycling shorts.

For instance, sweat-absorbent, breathable and also padded shorts are excellent for hot weather due to the fact that they provide moisture transfer as well as will certainly maintain your seat completely dry no matter the amount of buckets you sweat.

However, what you require to keep an eye out for specifically, is that padded liner with a smooth finish that’ll help to take in wetness while reducing rubbing. This attribute offers padding so you can stop bike chafing when you struck those rough parts of the trip and also prevent microbial growth at the same time.

2. Jersey

You can’t go biking in 50-degree weather condition without defense from a jersey. It’ll maintain you separated so you don’t experience extreme temperature levels that can be harmful to your health and wellness.

This jersey comes with a stand-up collar to secure your neck from the elements, a front zipper to aid you regulate air flow, as well as a long-cut back to secure your top and also lower back effortlessly.

3. Cycling Vest

Despite the temperatures, you ought to constantly either put on or take a vest with you when cycling.

They’re small sufficient to stuff right into your pocket when it gets also hot as well as can help to control your temperature at the start of the flight, especially if you’re doing Enduro mountain biking.

When looking for what to wear cycling in 50-degree climate, this is most definitely a must-have, regardless of whether it’s a thermal vest or a slanted wind vest.

4. Jacket

A biking coat will have a cycling-specific thermal softshell construction. And also, it has a long back that’s developed to keep your entire back warm as you adjust to greater and higher altitudes. You need a windproof as well as water-proof jacket so it can basically deal with all kinds of weather components and conditions.

This sort of coat offers you with that said added layer of warm without being bulky or hefty. It’s additionally fitted with a zipper that you can available to let the air in whenever you start to feel particularly warm or hot during your ride.

The most effective part is that it’s available in a selection of shades and it’s fairly priced as well, thinking about how reliable it is.

5. Windbreakers

Windbreakers are incredibly vital when biking in unpredictable weather, specifically the water and also wind resistant kind.

You never ever know what kind of weather condition you’ll come across, particularly in brand-new routes, so this could be your ace in the hole.

Opt for a hooded coat jacket especially, as this is the excellent purchase for an enthusiastic biker with a bike under 200 dollars.

6. Leggings


Bicycle trousers and tights are normally made with 3D padded product which provides just the ideal degree of comfort for those lengthy tracks.

This remains in enhancement to quick-dry material that takes in wetness to make certain raised comfort whether you’re sweating or experiencing a smattering of rainfall or snow. They permit you to keep concentrated as well as going no matter what.

7. Cycling Socks

If you’re going to cycle in winter at temperature levels of 50 degrees as well as lower after that you intend to wear high-quality socks.

They’ll aid to maintain you comfy while absorbing sweat, lowering friction and keeping your toes complimentary. Ideally, opt for water resistant socks to keep your toes dry as well.

They ought to have a super soft padding with impact-absorption and air blood circulation capabilities to keep your feet pressure-free. Remember that your socks are your feet’s initial line of insulation protection against tingling as well as cold.

8. Gloves

You require very particular kinds of gloves when cycling. Essentially, they ought to have short-cut fingers so you can quickly wash your biking handwear covers and maintain your hands warm up without influencing your efficiency.

Yet, long-fingered handwear covers do include their own benefits like the capacity to safeguard your entire palm while reducing the amount of calluses your hands create over time because of wear and tear. They also convert to increased friction while enabling you to attain a tighter grasp on the handlebar.

For finest results, search for sweat-wicking or porous gloves to make sure that all the additional moisture can easily get away.

9. Arm Sleeves

You have actually possibly seen bikers putting on arm sleeves, which’s because they play a massive duty in launching stress on the arms, elbow joints, as well as lower arms.

They can additionally aid to minimize irritation and swelling in these locations by promoting far better blood circulation to sustain the muscles in your arms.

The excellent aspect of these arm sleeves is that they’re created from moisture-wicking material that incorporates spandex and also polyester. Its non-slip silicone and also level seam sewing features are a wonderful finishing touch.

Not just that, however the arm sleeve material is treated with a representative that soaks up ultraviolet light that can shield you from pest bites and damaging sunlight rays same as sunglasses for cycling do.

10. Bike Helmet

A stylish bike headgear is a non-negotiable cycling device due to the fact that it’s there to safeguard your head in case you fall from your fixie which is extremely possible.

Just see to it you get the appropriate safety helmet dimension so it fits, light-weight and also robust adequate to manage the effect of touchdown on the ground while protecting you from injury.


Since you understand what to wear cycling in 50-degree weather, you’ll certainly have an enjoyable as well as carefree journey.

These are all the biking products you require to place in your bike trunk bag that will come in helpful during all seasons. Just ensure to buy good quality brand names to get optimal advantages while ensuring that you just require to buy it when.

Happy biking and allow us recognize in the comments area if you have any kind of concern!