Has a beat crank disrupted your smooth bike ride? The situation gets worse when you understand you do not have the puller device at home. So, is eliminating bike cranks at home possible?

Well, fret not because we have thoroughly prepared a comprehensive guide on just how to remove the bike crank without a puller. You can do the job efficiently on any kind of bike and save you money from making journeys to your local auto mechanic.

Understanding just how to eliminate the bicycle crank without a crank puller might appear frightening at first, however when understood, can be valuable in any tough circumstance. Right here, you can find out just how to remove a bike crank without a puller or the demand for any type of fancy tools.

Removing Bike Cranks

While finding out exactly how to eliminate a bike crank without a puller is a basic method with no demand of mechanical abilities, this should always be used as the last alternative.

Typically individuals harm their bikes when trying to eliminate the crank from a bicycle. So, you must always speak with an expert in this issue.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have the deluxe to do so, by following these steps, you can easily eliminate the cranks.

1. Pull Out the Crank Bolts

Now, you should move forward with separating the crankset from the bike. To do so, you need to rotate the screws of the cranks.

This will reverse the screw to a particular level, as well as this must enable you to eliminate the crankset with ease. As soon as the crankset is out, separate it piece by piece and discover the crank.

To do so, you should guarantee correct safety measures as the chain of the bicycle may slip off the wheel as well as wound your hands. Take your time with this action, and do it with utmost care and also focus.

If there occurs to be dirt caps over your recovered crank screws, remove them prior to relocating onto any other step. For this action, use a sturdy card to take out without harming it with too much devices.

2. Separate the Crank from the Washer

Currently, you can wage detaching the cranks as well as the washing machines from each other. The washer is found beneath the crank as well as can be easily divided by utilizing a spanner.

The washer is a disc-like steel element. The objective of the washer is to disperse the weight of the nut’s threads as well as stop them from relaxing which is practical when utilizing a bicycle shelf.

Furthermore, they help in the wheel’s directionality and maintain it moving in a particular direction.

3. Check the Crank Bolt

There are various dimensions of crank screws and also nuts, so it’s vital that you thoroughly examine the crank screws as well as find the appropriate instrument to remove them.

In the case of an M8 crank bolt, we recommend using a little tipped tool such as a CCP-22 or a CPW-7.

Nevertheless, if you have an M12 and even an M14 crank bolt, we advise a more substantial tipped device such as a CCP-44.

4. Spin the Threaded Coupler

After choosing the appropriate device, all you need to do is thoroughly and also carefully spin the threaded coupler and also maintain it turning till the screw or nut recesses.

Be vigilant of the whole process and do not let the screw with the string as it might detrimentally impact the surface area. You can carry out the procedure more effectively by using a screwdriver.

5. String on the Pin Driver

After the threaded coupler has actually been totally transformed, thread the pin vehicle driver. Very carefully perform this treatment as this will require massive arm stamina.

Now, slide the spindle driver in the designated area. You need to keep a look at exactly how strained the crank is and also tighten it up further if it’s loose.

6. Spin the Pin in a Clockwise Manner

Now rotate the spindle driver once the crank is totally tight. Via this approach, you can separate the crank arms entirely.

It’s finest to be sluggish as well as mindful about the process as you do not wish to harm the various other elements.

7. Unthread the Crank Arm Puller Instrument

Currently you can proceed to unthread your crank puller device. This is just to be done if the crankset is entirely eliminated from the area.

If you don’t perform this action with safety measures and also miraculous treatment, you can obtain hurt. So, constantly be vigilant as well as take correct safety measures prior to performing this action.

8. Repeat the Method on Opposite Cranks

Once you’ve eliminated the crank, you can now easily duplicate points.

All you require to make certain is proper safety and also safety measures to get the desired results without injuring yourself or damaging the bike and also its parts.


Removing bike cranks is an important ability one must have, and also now you understand just how to perform it without the aid of any kind of expensive tools.

With perseverance as well as a consistent set of hands, you can get the job done in a wind. With this article, we wish you’ve successfully learned just how to get rid of the bike crank without a puller.

While the procedure appears laborious and elaborate, all you require to do is adhere to the steps thoroughly and also with total vigilance.