Whether your kid is 6 months or 5 years old, or somewhere in between, the easiest way to bring them with you on a bicycle is on a youngsters bike seat.

For the majority of cases a centre-mounted front bike seat will certainly be the best choice. However that may not hold true depending upon how you prepare to ride with your child.

So, just how do you choose the one for you when there are many seats out there? You require to take into consideration the types of seat, what bike you have, safety and security attributes as well as more. We’ve created 5 pointers to picking the best kids bike seat.

  • Take into consideration the different sorts of kid bike seats
  • Select a bike seat based upon your bike
  • Make certain the bike seat is risk-free
  • Try to find products sustained with client service and also spares
  • Advantages of buying a youngster bike seat

1.Take into consideration the different sorts of kid bike seats

There are 3 various sorts of child’s bike seats– rear mounted, front installed and centre mounted.

Front Installed Bike Seat– a bike seat mounted on the front handlebars.

Centre Mounted Bike Seat– a bike seat located before the rider but installed over the crossbar.

Back Placed Bike Seat– a bike seat placed over the rear wheel behind the motorcyclist.

We’ll have a look at their benefits and also negative aspects however initially last tackle among the most frequently asked questions we get.


The recommended age for children in a bike seat is 1 to 4 years. Yet as children all develop at various prices this can differ. The WeeRide centre seat can be utilized from as early as 6 months as your child is in front of you and you can manage their needs. And also some back seats you would certainly have the ability to use up to the age of 5 years. Everything depends on just how your child has actually established. The bottom line is whether your child’s neck muscular tissues are solid sufficient. Can they pleasantly wear a headgear? Would certainly you feel great that they could manage the bumps in the road. Only you as a parent will certainly understand when the correct time is. If doubtful … wait.


Bike seats installed in front of the cyclist became preferred with the launch of WeeRide over 15 years ago. Front installed seats provided you the benefit of being able to communicate with you kid, which was plainly a lot more enjoyable for the youngster and also adult. If your kid goes down something or requires your assistance, you can see them and also manage any problem. Yet had the disadvantage of adding all the weight to the front of the bike, often directly on the guiding, something that could be hazardous under hefty braking.


WeeRide creates the just absolutely centre installed baby bike seat. A centre mounted youngster bike seat has all the benefits of the front installed infant bike seat, yet without the downside of including the child’s weight to the front of the bike. The copyrighted bar attaches to the bike’s framework under the headset as well as on the seat blog post, as well as this centralises the kid’s weight. So you can talk with your kid and also factor things out, and they are totally safe in their seat with your arms around them and also the weight is centralised. The WeeRide enhances the equilibrium of the bike.


The typical bike seat was the back one. The rear seat has the benefit of taking a child as much as the age of 5 with the best version, however they are really cumbersome. The size of the seat and youngster, and their placement, can lead to instability of the bike They also indicate that communication with your child is very challenging. You can not see what they are up to, as well as if you do reverse to examine, you can unbalance the bike which is plainly harmful.

So, with such clear drawbacks why do we still see numerous being used? It Is due to the fact that they have been around the lengthiest. Plus there were a lot of misconceptions about front and centre seats and also how safe they were, that implied the old fashioned seats kept a big portion of the marketplace up until just recently. Although WeeRide do not make rear placed seats there are some wonderful back placed models made by the likes of Polisport and also Bellelli.

2.Select a bike seat based upon your bike

The kind of bike you have influences how to select the most effective child bike seat. The majority of bikes can accommodate all kinds of seat so your option is frequently based on where you would prefer your kid to be positioned on the bike.

The decrease handlebars on a road bike indicates the motorcyclist needs to lean onward over the bar to get to the lower position. Rear bikes seats are typically better matched unless you are willing to sacrifice being able to reach the reduced handlebars. That stated, you’ll still be able to get to the main handlebar.

I would absolutely be considering a front or centre placed seat on a mountain bicycle. A mountain bicycle child seat discussing all the rough surface without having an eye on your kid would certainly just be excessive of an issue. The WeeRide likewise uniquely fits full suspension bikes.


As above, I would certainly recommend a front or centre placed seat. Just for the advantages of having the ability to connect with your child as well as for their satisfaction.

Pole position are excellent for Cruiser bikes where you tend to have even more room in between the motorcyclist as well as the handlebars, a good example being the Ibert Infant Bike Seat.

You may intend to use your bike seat on different sorts of bikes. Think about if it’s simple to switch over from your road bike to your mountain bike for instance. The advantage of the WeeRide child bike seat is that it fits most bikes out there. It only needs 5mm of room on the framework under the headset to attach the front brace to. However in cases where there isn’t also 5mm, we have 2 adaptors that can be made use of to guarantee they fit over 99% of all bikes. We also provide an extra placing bar so you can have one on each bike and also easily just switch over the seat over.

3. Make certain the bike seat is risk-free

Prior to acquiring any type of infant bike seat you need to inspect whether it satisfies the safety and security policies. Try to find the EN14344 authorization, this suggests a product has actually been completely evaluated to ensure your kid’s safety. Preferably if it has been examined in a country like Germany by GS or TUV who are the acknowledged authorities in screening.

If it’s not clear a seat has this approval you should beware. If they have tested the seat themselves, then there is an additional red flag. Whilst several high quality items do exist, we frequently see items that have actually been self examined stemming from China.

You want the safest baby bike seat for your child.

Is it offered by a major brand? This must offer you comfort and also know that safety would be their top priority– WeeRide, Polisport, Belelli, Hamax, Raleigh are all major business that would certainly not gamble with your child’s security.


Foot rests are terrific for keeping your youngster’s feet away from the moving parts of a bike. Below are some points to take into consideration: exists any possibility of entrapment? Are the feet safeguarded in position to guarantee no opportunity to go near the bike’s wheels.

Body strapping

Restraints are essential to keep your youngster securely inside the seat without any opportunity of falling out. Will your child be held securely on the seat? Preferably a 5 factor safety belt is your best option.

Well made seat-– is your child safeguarded as well as sustained? Exists defense at the back as well as on the sides? Is the seat well made by a trustworthy firm?


It is necessary your child is comfortable or they will not enjoy their flight and also will not intend to use the seat in the future. Is there sustain for them on the sides as well as the back? Is the seat appropriately supported for them? Is there a headrest for them to sleep on– you will be surprised the number of kids drop off to sleep under 2 years old because of the movement of the bike, just like a child seat!

Seller support

Not the be-all and end-all, but it can be a clear indicator of a seat’s high quality if a major retailer is supporting it. Not every retailer can sustain every seat, all of us recognize the pressures on space. But the WeeRide as an example has actually been supported by Mothercare, ELC, Asda, Halfords, Evans, Cycle Surgery in the UK. In Australia they have been sustained in Big W, Anaconda, 99 Bikes etc. Several of whom independently test their products prior to sustaining. Whereas it deserves noting Amazon.com are exempt for making any type of security look at the seats they sell.

The weight restrictions are established by EU (15kgs) and also US (18kgs). Nevertheless, these are based on seats that affix to the handlebars where it is clearly dangerous to have too much weight directly impacting guiding.

WeeRide seats are special as although they are at the front of the bike they are not front installed. They really boost the balance of the bike as the patented centre-mounted bar puts all the baby weight in the centre of the bike.

For WeeRide bike seats weight is never the factor that quits a kid making use of the seat, it is elevation. The kid will certainly start to lack room for their legs. Yet due to the fact that children have different body and leg cosmetics, as well as bikes have various geometries, we do not provide a main height. We just popularize and also state elevation ends up being a concern around aged 4.

4.Try to find products sustained with client service and also spares

You know you have actually located the most effective kids bike seat when it lasts years as well as is given from kid to kid. Discovering an item that is well sustained with both customer service as well as spares can be truly beneficial.

Offering the seat a freshen up with some new bands or changing the periodic part conserves the cost of getting a completely brand-new seat if anything does damage or break.

WeeRide is a family members company. We established the firm up after purchasing a seat as well as falling in love with it. We desire every customer to be as delighted as we were when utilizing the seats with our children. If you have any type of issues we intend to help and have a vast choice of spares to keep you moving.

5. Advantages of buying a youngster bike seat

Acquiring a child bike seat is a huge decision for you and your kid. It is stating you intend to spend quality time with your child outdoors whilst looking after your own wellness. So why else should you buy a seat and also what should you think about?

Enjoy-– just how much enjoyment will your kid have if their view is of your back and you can not hear them? We would certainly always suggest a front or centre placed seat.
Get your youngster to college-– can the seat be conveniently gotten rid of as soon as you have reached your location? The WeeRide Standard Bike Seat can be gotten rid of in secs.
Take place experiences— perhaps off roading, dirt tracks and so on. We would certainly always advise a front or centre placed seat for security.
Spend high quality time with your youngster whilst exercising— far better than leaving them in a creche at a gym, or spending your time with them in front of the television.
So when you look for your version of the best youngsters bike seat, check if it fits how you plan to use your bike with your youngster.

Making use of a children or infant bike seat enables you to communicate with your child whilst delighting in the outdoors and boosting your physical fitness levels. It actually does tick all packages.

Whichever kid bike seat you pick, the most crucial point is that your child is secure.

The best means to ensure this is to purchase from a major brand name such as WeeRide, Polisport, Belelli or Hamax. This will provide you self-confidence the seat has passed authorized quality and safety and security needs.