Best Women’s Mountain Bikes

Mtb are made for finding the off-road atmosphere. You can take them into the wild, heading up hills for impressive journeys, or maintain it local, blowing up around your local path centre or bike park for a couple of hours’ enjoyable. No cars and trucks to bother with– unlike your road-cycling equivalents– simply you, your bike as well as the route before you.

Our purchaser’s guide to women’s mountain bicycle will certainly aid you work out what mountain bicycle is best for the sort of riding you wish to do, what you’ll get for your money, as well as what functions to keep an eye out for. We can likewise suggest some superb bikes that we’ve tried and examined ourselves.

What type of mountain bike do I need?

There are many different sorts of mtb, all developed to match certain types of terrain or riding.

One of the most popular types are targeted at cross-country, trail or all-mountain/enduro riding. One more consideration is whether you wish to buy a hardtail or full-suspension mountain bike.

Full-suspension or hardtail?

The majority of mountain bicycle come with suspension, which similar to suspension in an automobile is created to soak up harsh surface to make the flight experience more comfortable and also to give the tires optimum traction on the ground.

Hardtail bikes have an inflexible frame with suspension in the forks, while full-suspension bikes have suspension forks plus a suspension shock, which permits the back wheel to relocate too.

Full-suspension bikes tend to be extra pricey, but are better able to handle high, rough and also technological surface. Hardtails are efficient at climbing up, require less set up as well as upkeep, are prominent with cross-country cyclists and are well fit to the majority of path centres, bridleways and moderately technological surface.

Cross-country/XC mountain bikes

Cross-country or XC mtb are designed for speed off-road and also typically consist of a light-weight, tight frame as well as fast-rolling tyres. 29er wheels are popular and also most will certainly have around 80– 100mm of travel on their suspension forks. These are ideal for people who such as to go fast, for long distances, most importantly else.

Trail mountain bikes

Route mountain bikes are the most preferred kind of mountain bike since they are so versatile. Suspension travel is normally around 130– 150mm, which offers more scope for dealing with larger attributes. The geometry is more loosened up, placing the cyclist in a more secure as well as confidence-inspiring setting on descents.

Modern trail bikes likewise perform effectively when pedalling uphill and you can expect either 29in or 27.5 in (likewise known as 650b) wheel dimensions. You can locate both full-suspension and hardtail trail bikes Trail bikes are suitable for most of riding, from route centres to natural surface.

Enduro and all-mountain bikes

Enduro and all-mountain bikes are significantly preferred, specifically with riders who such as all-day experiences in mountain atmospheres. Enduro racing sees motorcyclists tackle timed technological descents with untimed uphill intermediary areas.

This demands a bike that can descend well– over even more terrain than the average trail bike can manage– and also climb up effectively, however the focus is on the downhill with a concession on climbing performance contrasted to say a trail bike or XC bike.

This sort of bike will typically be full-suspension, and will have more travel than a trail bike– around 160– 170mm. Besides enduro auto racing, this sort of bike is excellent for motorcyclists that like technical terrain and lengthy days out discovering natural tracks and also mountains.

They’re a significantly prominent selection for mountain bike holidays in places such as the French Alps, Canada’s Whistler and comparable.

Downhill mountain bikes

Downhill mountain bicycle are made to do one thing well which’s worsen fast (in case you hadn’t thought) in competition or on purpose-built tracks.

They’re most likely to feature a monstrous 200mm of travel front as well as rear, and also super-slack framework angles to make the steepest of inclines workable. Because they’re designed to come down, they aren’t usually proficient at climbing up, and the majority of downhillers would certainly push back approximately the top of a track or use an uplift service or chairlift instead of attempt to ride.

Yet if you are aiming them down the hill, they’re a heck of a ride. There are extremely few women’s- certain downhill bikes, though some brands do produce smaller sizes of their DH bikes that may fit more tiny cyclists.

What size women’s mountain bike do I need?

Like footwear and also clothes, bikes can be found in different dimensions to fit different individuals. Mountain bikes usually utilize either sizing systems: either Tiny, Tool, Huge etc. or a dimension in inches, 13in, 15in, 17in etc

. The initial stage is to have a look at the makers guidelines. This will generally give a recommended height range for each bike dimension. The following stage is to offer it a test trip and see how it feels– several shops will certainly offer bikes out for demos, or host demo occasions, that will certainly enable you to do this.

If you sit between sizes, or if there’s overlap, this is particularly vital as you need to work out which bike provides the closest fit.

Getting the correct size of bike framework is one of the most fundamental part for a fun, effective and also comfortable bike. A bike shop can make small modifications to the seat as well as handlebar setting, yet getting a bike that’s also large or also little can lead to a bike that’s difficult to deal with and also in unusual situations, potential injury if it’s ridden thoroughly.

Women’s mountain bike features and specs

Some females’s bikes, such as those by Liv, are based around a structure that has been created with its very own special geometry, designed by the brand name to specifically match female cyclists.

This will certainly be based upon study performed by the business itself, from global body dimension data sources, as well as motorcyclist screening as well as comments, as well as takes into consideration components such as a different average elevation to weight ratios, elevation ranges, body toughness, versatility, arm or leg length, and so on

. Other brands, such as Juliana and Specialized, will have a unisex structure that’s utilized for both male and also female cyclists, with women’s details attributes like those listed below.

Many women’s- certain bikes will certainly also have some, if not all, of the complying with features …

Saddle: Nearly all women’s specific bikes will certainly include a women’s saddle, which several women find more comfortable than unisex or males’s saddles
Standover as well as reach: Brands that do make structures with females’s specific geometry will commonly give them a low standover and also a much shorter reach
Dimensions: Good news for smaller sized bikers– the women’s details lines in many brands will drop to smaller sizes than the unisex lines
Cabin: The control location of the bike is frequently set up for the on-average smaller sized hands of women, utilizing smaller sized grips, narrower handlebars as well as brakes with adjustable reach
Wheel size: Mountain bikes are usually fitted with either 27.5 in/650b wheels or 29in wheels, which will be consistent across a variety. Nonetheless, some business, such as Trip, will fit smaller sized frameworks with 27.5 in tyres and also larger frames with 29in tires, which keeps the managing attire across the sizes and prevents toe overlap
Suspension: Most of ladies’s specific bikes will have a suspension song that’s developed to suit the lighter typically weight to height ratio of females
Yet do you need one? Just like anything to do with bikes, we ‘d always suggest taking a bike for a test flight where feasible prior to picking it. Some women find women’s particular bikes match them, others jump on penalty with unisex bikes.

Also where the structures are unisex, the benefit of women’s- particular bikes is that you are less most likely to need to fine-tune the cabin or alter the saddle.

How much should I spend?

Budget is commonly among the most significant aspects when it pertains to making a decision which mountain bike to obtain. While mountain bike prices work out north of ₤ 4,000, you can get a perfectly decent bike for a portion of that expense. There are, nevertheless, a few points you need to watch out for:

  • Whether they’re mechanical or hydraulic, search for disc brakes instead of rim brakes due to the fact that they’ll provide the stopping power you’ll require, specifically in wet and also sloppy conditions
  • We would certainly recommend steering clear of full-suspension bikes listed below ₤ 500 due to the fact that they are unlikely to be reliable and effective– you’re far better off going with a hardtail (no rear suspension) at this level. Quality full-suspension bikes begin to come in around the ₤ 1,000 mark
  • Maintain some cash in your budget plan aside for kit as well as elements. A lot of mountain bicycle over a certain rate point won’t feature pedals as well as those that do may not be excellent, so having some money spare to get a respectable high quality collection will make a significant distinction to your trip. You’ll additionally intend to get a headgear, glasses and also gloves if you don’t currently have them

There’s an in-depth failure on what to anticipate for your cash in mountain bicycle utmost buyer’s overview. That claimed, the adhering to is an excellent beginning point:

  • Under ₤ 300– Alloy frame and steel-forked stiff bike (no suspension) or hardtail. Around 18 gears with a three-way crankset, and also V-brakes or mechanical disc brakes
  • ₤ 350 to ₤ 500– Alloy frame hardtail with around 100mm traveling on forks, 21 to 24 gears with a dual crankset, and also either hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes
  • ₤ 550 to ₤ 950– Alloy structure hardtails as well as some full-suspension alternatives, with much better quality suspension forks by brands such as RockShox as well as Suntour
  • ₤ 1,000 to ₤ 2,000– Full-suspension trail bikes, alloy bars and stem as well as hydraulic disc brakes and premium cross-country hardtails (these are lighter and also developed to go quicker rather than tackle the roughest ground), with carbon or alloy frame, top quality forks such as RockShox Reba RL and 11-speed tailoring
  • ₤ 2,000 to ₤ 2,500– High-grade alloy or carbon frame with quality suspension components consisting of Fox 34 or 36, or RockShox Pike forks as well as Fox Evolution rear suspension shock. 12-speed chainset, wheels developed to take tubeless tires (which are much less puncture susceptible and can be run at lower pressures for more grip) as well as much more suspension traveling options up to 150mm
  • ₤ 2,500 upwards– High-grade carbon-fibre frame with top of the variety suspension from Fox or RockShox. Considerable 12-speed tailoring with a single-ring crankset, premium tubeless-ready wheels

How to get a bargain bike

If you’re not fussed regarding having the current version, you can rack up some severe savings by purchasing an older design. Several sellers will discount their bikes in the middle of the year, which implies you might get around 30 percent off.

You can also save money by getting a second-hand bike online, though there are challenges to be aware of so you can prevent falling nasty of them.

Popular women’s mountain bikes

Specialized as well as Trek are two significant brands whose bikes are ubiquitous on trails around the globe. They both generate bikes covering the full spectrum of the marketplace, from entry-level hardtails to premium ladies’s-certain path and also enduro bikes.

Liv is the ladies’s-specific arm of global bike brand name Titan. Among the longest well established females’s-certain bike manufacturers, it boasts champion cross-country hill bikers on its race group. Liv creates a vast array of females’s-specific mtb, with a concentrate on path and also cross nation.

Canyon is a German direct-sell brand who generate a vast array of bikes with specifications that are fantastic value for cash. In 2017, it began establishing a selection of bikes with a various geometry for women motorcyclists based on information it has collected from its on the internet fit system, study, and also using global body dimension databases. Some, but not all, of its WMN-model bikes have this kind of framework layout.

Juliana Bicycles is the sis firm to California-based store brand name Santa Cruz. The Juliana Roubion is among the few ladies’s-particular enduro bikes on the market, as well as is based upon the popular Santa Cruz Bronson.

There are lots of various other smaller sized brand names offered who will create females’s-certain mtb, such as Peak and Voodoo in the UK.