Brompton Child Seat Reviews

When you’re a parent, there’s no such thing as too safe. So when it comes to transporting your little one, why not equip them with the Brompton child seat? The Brompton child seat is designed for children up to six years old and can be mounted on any model of the bike. It securely holds the baby in a natural sitting position and will keep them comfortable while their parents enjoy their ride! Interested in learning more? Check out this article from our blog!

The Best Brompton Child Seat Reviews 

Someone said that  the Brompton  might be become the ambassador of family members biking for individuals who have actually never ever thought of riding with child before. not too worry because you already have a Brompton folding bike and they’re rather awesome, right ? 

There was a lot of good testimonial for it, especially for Brompton bike that lets a kid being in front of you. Let’s check it out.

This Brompton Folding Bike seat  allows you to keep an eye on your child and the road at the same time. Your best choice for city tour on shared bicycles with your child. The Brompton might be become the ultimate ambassador of family members biking for individuals who have actually never ever thought of riding with child before.


Applicable age: 2.5 years old or older, weight less than 30kg
Weight: 925g
Color choice: orange, blue, yellow
Material: frame (aviation aluminum alloy), seat cushion (PU), armrest (EVA), fasteners (304 stainless steel)


  • Your best option for informal riding, delivery and also pick-up in kindergartens, short-distance commute.
  • Bionic layout ideology, looking like a running jaguar after installment. Your kids would like it!
  • Made from high quality plastic that is light-weight as well as tough to damaged, the solid metal bracket keeps the seat also as well as steady.
  • Small in space occupation as well as simple installment, comes with a free carrying bag.
  • Enlarged soft padded seat for an extra comfortable feeling.
  • The front mounted Brompton child seat is easy to install and remove without additional tools.
  • Durable safety belt readjusting buckle.
  • The plaid seat layout makes the baby sit more comfortable. Ride with your child.

Design & Material

Both the hand rails and also front fork arm are foldable and adjustable at your very own will, flawlessly suit bikes of different specifications. Most notably, your child can always discover his/her most comfortable position.
The back clamp hinge fits all seat messages whose size is within 1.4 inch (35.5 mm), geared up with a quick-release take care of to enable quick-release setup as well as removal without demand for tools.
This front bicycle seat is easily foldable, ultra-light and comes with a free carrying bag.

Handrail & Saddle

The handrail is covered with soft NBR tube with anti-slip stripe. Constructed from aircraft-grade 6061 # light weight aluminum alloy, the U-shape hand rails framework is resilient to ensure your youngster’s safety and security in any type of feasible accident.

The saddle uses polyurethane foaming handling innovation, as well as it has actually undertaken surface anti-slip treatment, made with a hollow and grooves for ventilation.

Free packing bag

You can place the Front Mount Child Bicycle Seat in the packing bag featuring completely free. With just 2-pound weight as well as small dimension, it’s your most convenient travel companion, particularly when travelling by city shared or rented bikes

Why we should choose Brompton Front Child Seat ?

Front-mounted seats are the tiniest seats and also appropriate for ages 9 months to about 2.5 years old. With the infant bike seat placed between the adult motorcyclist’s arms, infants as well as kids usually feel extra comfortable as well as carefree in a pole position versus a rear-mounted seat. Moms and dads also enjoy the “snuggle element” of having their child before them.

Are Front Mount Child Bicycle Seat seats safe?

To the uninitiated, it can be quite alarming when first looking at the Brompton Folding Bike seat. Where are the bands as well as seat belts? It holds true, in addition to the footstraps there are no bands to hold your kid in. However have no worry, just like when they ride their very own bikes, as soon as on, straddling the leading tube and in the footstraps, your child feels actually safe and secure. As soon as your kid gets on it all makes good sense and also feels very risk-free.

The 5 rules of front-mounted Child Bicycle Seat seats

Place a helmet on your kid— with a kid on the front you are 100% liable as well as you don’t crash. You simply don’t. However, a safety helmet will help them obtain made use of riding with a safety helmet on and also motivate excellent technique.

Rest— a top-mounted kids seat truly opens family members trail riding potential as well as environment-friendly and also blue routes are now your play area, yet keep it very easy. Take your time and also develop to routes that obtain you both stired

Keep warm– you are biking, they are not. Don’t ignore wind cool and plan your flights as well as their clothing appropriately, especially gloves.

Pack gold-standard treats— if you have a pre-ride disaster, you need some bargaining chips in your favour. Bear in mind if your child burns out or distressed, you have to obtain them residence.


Brompton child seats are perfect for parents who want to take their kids with them on rides. They’re designed for Bromptons and attach to the front of your bike, making it easy to ride together! The seat is specially padded and has a five point safety harness, so you can rest assured that your little one will be safe in a crash or fall. There’s also an optional footrest attachment if your kid would like some extra support while riding along side you. We hope this blog post was helpful!