? Buyer’s guide to Choose Mountain Bikes for Kids in [year]

Getting your youngster a new bike? Locating it tough to pick the best one? Loosen up, we’ve put together an easy guide to aid you select sensibly …

The most effective kids’ bikes for 2020

The most crucial elements to think about when selecting a bike for your kid are their age, elevation and also capability. The weight of the bike will certainly additionally influence its handling, as well as bikes at the really reduced end of the rate range are commonly the heaviest.

If you currently understand what size bike to go for, scroll to see our tips for kids of each age.

Once you have actually found the perfect bike, why not check out guide to cycling with kids to obtain points started. Prior to you know it, the entire family will be out taking pleasure in life on 2 wheels.

What size bike should I get for my child?

Although it can be tempting to go with a bigger bike that your youngster can ‘grow into’, this is best stayed clear of. A bike that’s also huge will certainly be difficult to manage and steer. Check out overview to children’ bike wheel sizes for more help on what size bike to select.

Of course, you’ll require to show them to ride also, so review easy guide that should obtain them pedalling away in around thirty minutes.


For younger youngsters of preschool age, balance bikes are excellent. These are straightforward bikes without pedals or equipments that the kid pushes along with their feet while being in the saddle.

The basic set-up means that youngsters obtain the feel of pushing off and also balancing on the bike while it’s relocating. This additionally implies the change to a pedal bike is much quicker– as well as they most likely won’t need stabilisers when the time comes either.

As youngsters expand, they will certainly naturally need larger bikes. Children’s bikes grow in wheel size in addition to framework dimension and also having smaller wheels for smaller bikers makes the bikes less complicated to deal with.

A couple of brands, such as Black Hill Bikes, produce kids’ bikes that can be adapted to fit kids as they grow, starting off as a balance bike after that changing right into a pedal bike with a couple of basic swaps.

Ages 4 to 6

For youngsters aged 4 to 6, or roughly 105cm to 115cm/ 3ft 5in to 3ft 9in, opt for a bike with 14in to 16in wheels. The majority of these are basic bikes with pedals and also brakes, and numerous included a small range of equipments.

Ages 7 to 10

For ages 7 to 10 (elevation 115cm to 135cm/ 3ft 9in to 4ft 5in) select a bike with 18in to 20in wheels. You’ll also begin to see a larger variety of gears showing up at this rate point, and you may find bikes with front suspension, which are more suitable for rough terrain.

Ages 10 to 13

Children aged between 10 to 13 (elevation 135cm to 150cm/ 4ft 5in to 5ft) will generally carry on to a 24in wheel bike as well as, at this moment, you’ll locate bikes that are essentially a smaller sized version of a grown-up bike.

You’ll also start to see different kinds of bike, from junior-sized road bikes and also mountain bicycle to hybrid/leisure bikes. Select a bike kind that’s going to match most of the riding your kid will be doing– if it’s mainly mosting likely to be off-road, large tires with a grippy step are a great choice, as an example.


For teens, you’re mosting likely to be checking out adult bikes in smaller sizes. There are smaller wheel-size alternatives for younger roadway bikes, such as 650b, however the majority of bikes will have 26in, 27.5 in or 700c wheels.

Bear in mind that these dimensions are a guideline only. If your teen is taller or smaller than average, or more or less certain, they might be far better off on a different size. If in doubt, talk with your regional bike shop.

Best bikes and balance bikes for ages 1 to 4

As soon as your child is up, tottering around as well as stable on 2 feet, they await their very first car. There are two choices at this point: a balance bike or a trike.

Trikes may appear like an appealing option due to the fact that they are stable and allow children to start pitching along themselves, however in our point of view balance bikes are a far better option.

This is since an equilibrium bike will help your youngster create vital skills such as balance and steering first, so they are more probable to make the shift to a pedal-powered bike swiftly, without needing stabilisers.

For younger youngsters, a wheel size of 12in is typical. There are also some pedal-powered options for 2 to 4 years of age, and several will certainly come with brakes– either lever-operated ones or rollercoaster brakes that function by back-pedalling, and also occasionally both.

Best bikes for ages 4 to 6

When your child is a little bit older and taller they can move to a bike with 14in or 16in wheels.

If the bike was already supplied with stabilisers, as well as your kid is positive riding without them, then eliminate them IMMEDIATELY.

The key points to consider here are a reduced weight, so the youngster has the ability to take care of the bike, and brakes that have a very easy activity as well as little dimension to fit smaller hands.

A lot of children’ bikes at this cost brace ought to enable you to adjust the reach to the brakes. Numerous also have coaster brakes instead of lever-operated brakes, which are run by back-pedalling.

Best bikes for ages 6 to 10

Try to find bikes with 18in to 20in wheels. At this moment you’ll start to see even more gearing alternatives and also lever-operated brakes only. You’ll additionally start to see suspension making an appearance (usually front suspension forks only).

Bear in mind that less expensive suspension bikes can be larger than their non-suspension alternatives, and if the bike is to be ridden off-road, some good-quality, large, puncture-resistant tyres need to be a greater priority.

Best bikes for ages 10 to 13

With a wheel size of 24in comes many more attributes. These bikes are essentially smaller sized versions of adult bikes, with the variant, design and emphasis that goes with it.

You can get whatever from drop-bar road bikes, front- as well as full-suspension alternatives with disc brakes for budding mountain cyclists, or sturdy as well as versatile flat-handlebar bikes.

Quality versions will certainly have light alloy frameworks and the specification ought to be comparable to a grown-up bike at the same rate point.

Best bikes for teenagers

For young adults, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of bikes including smaller sizes of adult bikes. You can additionally get younger versions of bikes that have a somewhat smaller sized wheel dimension, such as roadway bikes with 650b wheels rather than the adult 700c wheels, and also mtb with 26in wheels as opposed to the currently extra common 27.5 in wheels or even 29ers.

You might intend to seek advice from (stealthily if it’s meant to be a shock purchase) with your kid concerning the kind, brand and colour of bike they seek.

If your teenager is obtaining really into their sporting activity, there are currently a lot of high-grade race-ready road and also mtb that will cultivate their one-upmanship, produced by brand names such as Commencal and Islabikes, as well as we have actually consisted of a few of these below.