As we move right into the cooler and also wetter months of the year, it ends up being more challenging to venture out on our bikes for pleasure– and less complicated to find justifications to remain inside or go back to the car for important trips. Trouble is, if we only require to the saddle in fine conditions, we could waste lots of months’ worth of biking opportunities each and every year.

As a motorcyclist, you can buy a great collection of waterproof layers to shrug off the most awful of the damp weather condition. As well as, even if you do get soaked, it’s absolutely nothing that a hot bath and also a favorite won’t rectify. But what regarding your bike? Do you require to take additional precautions on an electric bike? As a matter of fact, should you even be riding it in all in a downpour?

The good news is that a lot of suppliers state it’s secure to ride electric bikes in practically the exact same problems as standard bikes. It’s practical to stay clear of deep pools, swamped roads and streams– anything that would completely immerse the electric elements of your bike– however don’t use it as an excuse to stay at home!


Clean with care

Your electrical bike’s motor, battery pack, screen and link points are well secured and need to weather the sploshes as well as sprinkles you would certainly anticipate on a typical ride. When it concerns cleansing, don’t spray it with high-pressure air or water jets that can penetrate the bearings or frame. You can rinse with an outside hose pipe and clean with a rag or purchase some proprietary bike cleaner, if you choose.

Give it some love

When everything is tidy, you may intend to re-grease your chain to ensure that it runs smoothly. Lift the bike on to a rack and also turn the pedal while shifting via the equipments, at the same time gently dribbling a de-greaser, adhered to by a lube, on the chain. You can obtain unique chain-cleaning devices to clear out the gunge in between the links. If you don’t have a stand or prefer to leave it to the professionals, it may be worth having this solution performed at a relied on cycle store (one specialising in electrical bikes).

Go the distance

Normally, inclement problems will take their toll on your electric bike– as will generally clocking up the miles. Yet wear and tear is foregone conclusion. You need to schedule normal services (as you would certainly with your car) but with the help of a basic cleansing routine as well as a bike stand, you ought to have the ability to stay on the roadway, whatever the climate. Make close friends with your e-bike service shop as well as request skilled suggestions if you’re worried about certain damages– from salt and grit, as an example.

Tips for maintaining your electrical bike healthy throughout the winter months

  •  Dry the bike with a towel or towel after cycling in damp conditions
  •  After a damp ride, remove the battery and also dry the base and electrical contact factors
  • Prevent leaving your bike outside in the rainfall unless it’s well covered
  • If you can, save the bike inside– a dry area or outbuilding
  • Oil the get in touches with to assist avoid rust as well as contamination