Cheap Scooters vs. Pro Scooters: An Honest Comparison

If you remain in the market for purchasing a mobility scooter, the choices can really feel frustrating, especially when it concerns the many variants in types, dimensions, components, as well as prices. Some are exceptionally inexpensive, while others are costly, exclusive pro mobility scooters– so, what’s the difference?

Cheap mobility scooters are different in design and resilience than pro-scooters. A high-grade pro-scooter is made to last. It needs to be made with premium materials as well as withstand tough road riding, tricks, as well as vert riding similar to a well-made skateboard. A cheap pro-scooter is made from inexpensive materials as well as is not likely to last.

Keep reviewing to recognize even more concerning the differences in between lower-cost scooters as well as the irregularity in rates for pro scooters, along with what you can anticipate to find when it concerns quality, safety, as well as toughness.

Pro Scooters versus Basic Scooters: the Facts

We have actually all listened to the saying, “You get what you spend for.” A lot of the moment, it holds true. The even more you spend, the greater the top quality. And while for some purchase decisions, worth takes precedence, when it involves getting the ideal mobility scooter, you are most likely to obtain what you spend for.

That doesn’t necessarily suggest that you require to cost a fortune to obtain what you desire. It does suggest that you’ll need to think of what you are mosting likely to make with your scooter and what you are wanting to complete with it.

If you or your child are wishing to shred some vert wall surfaces and also find out just how to erode a couple of rusty rails, you’ll require a top quality professional mobility scooter– not a low-cost one. If you’re merely seeking something that is going to get you to and also from the coffeehouse with loved ones, you’ll, of course, be taking a look at something a lot less complex and also a whole lot lower in price, too.

What Is a Pro Scooter?

In one feeling, a professional scooter is all the same as a standard kick mobility scooter. It has a handlebar, deck, and also usually 2 (in some cases 3) wheels pushed forward by your feet as you push off the ground.

Yet a pro-scooter is not meant merely for riding around community, though you absolutely can do that. Pro scooters are made to withstand various feats and also tricks, including vert riding, and also they are a great deal extra durable than a typical kick or child scooter (resource).

Great pro mobility scooters are also made from better products, which is one reason they are a great deal a lot more durable and extra costly than a plastic kick scooter. An additional feature of most professional mobility scooters is a wider handlebar, allowing for even more security riding ramps at your regional skatepark (source).

When asked what the difference in between a pro-scooter and a traditional, less costly scooter is, the answer lies extra in the objective that each accomplishes. One is especially created stunts– that’s why they’re additionally commonly referred to as method scooters. The various other is seen a lot more as a commuter scooter, with no intention of hitting up a skatepark with it.

When it comes to set you back, pro mobility scooters can run a quite wide variety. And also this is one situation where you will intend to consider the expense as a financial investment, and also you should prevent reducing edges or selecting an inexpensive variation of a professional mobility scooter.

How Much Does a Pro Scooter Cost?

Similar to several various other points, the alternatives can appear limitless when it involves professional scooters as well as their component parts. You can obtain an affordable pro scooter, or you can purchase an actually good one. This is where the contrast enters play. It’s additionally what we indicate when we state that you obtain what you spend for like stated in out kick scooter customers guide.

If you are seeking a premium pro scooter, one that you can discover with and prevent paying more for out of commission to both the mobility scooter as well as, potentially, on your own, you’re mosting likely to pay more. A cheap pro scooter will probably cost you around $100 United States. A high-grade pro scooter will likely go to least dual that, if not triple.

You ought to be prepared to pay between two and three hundred dollars for a top notch professional mobility scooter. You can get your mobility scooter “total,” implying it is pre-assembled and all components come from the very same producer, or you can customize your mobility scooter, picking the components and also pieces you want.

There are advantages as well as drawbacks to both, as well as we’ll get into that in the future, specifically as it connects to cost.

Whether you get a mobility scooter pre-assembled or choose to acquire each part separately comes down to personal preference and also your experience degree. If you intend to grasp some epic tricks with your scooter, look at it as an investment– a long term one. Remember, good pro scooters are made to be sturdy.

Initially, allow’s recognize more about why trick mobility scooters are extra expensive and also, contrary to what you may believe, why it’s not simply that the market can make even more money off of you.

What Makes Pro Scooters so Expensive?

When it involves pricing, it’s the products used to make a high quality scooter that makes it more expensive. Can you get an inexpensive one? Yes. And also, if you are trying to find an entry-level pro scooter that does not have workmanship and layout, you’ll certainly pay less.

Yet, if you are seeking a high-end pro scooter, the component parts drive the expense. Good professional scooters are made from exceptional materials, specifically light weight aluminum– though that may alter as various other materials are being examined, consisting of titanium and also carbon fiber.

As we said earlier, every one of the component parts of both pro scooters and also typical kick scooters are the same– the handlebars, the deck, the wheels, and so on. The primary distinction in framework as well as form hinges on the dimension and spacing of each, as well as the materials made use of. For instance, a professional scooter produced techniques will typically have a smaller sized deck.

The most important element of figuring out that the professional scooter you buy is of good quality is determining each part as well as the succeeding products used in building. Next, we’ll look extra closely at a few of the more crucial parts of your pro mobility scooter and also what you ought to search for when it comes to the products utilized in production.


When it concerns benches on your professional mobility scooter, you want them to be comfy– the measurements, design, and also spacing are all individual preference. However, the product must be of high quality.

Several are made from steel tubes, yet aluminum is the market standard when it comes to top quality and also resilience. Various other materials you may see are titanium or carbon fiber, as mentioned above. Yet, look for light weight aluminum, minimally.

If you think about your grasp on benches as you carry out methods and also feats, the wrong bars, or ones that are not made to endure influence, are not going to last, and also your efficiency will likely suffer.


The fork on your mobility scooter is an essential piece. It essentially links your bars, deck, as well as front-wheel. All mobility scooters have one of two types of forks, either a threaded fork or a threadless one. A high-end mobility scooter ought to utilize a threadless fork, not threaded. A threaded fork is extra generally discovered on entry-level or intermediate-level scooters (resource).
It’s not uncommon for a fork to break, especially the threaded version, throughout dives and methods. So, if you are seeking to upgrade as well as avoid this, you absolutely wish to make sure that the fork on your scooter is threadless.

A threadless fork allows for maximum stamina, durability, and efficiency when it pertains to making it down vert walls in one piece. Since a threaded fork has been drilled right into for threaded headsets to screw onto, the items normally come to be weaker at those points.

Most forks permanently, premium pro mobility scooters will likewise be made from aluminum. Once again, it is the sector standard, and also a cheap scooter may not use aluminum, so it’s one more particular to look for.

Headset: Threaded versus Threadless

There are additionally two kinds of headsets– again, threaded and threadless. Similar to the fork on your mobility scooter, if you are searching for optimum longevity and high quality, you will want a threadless headset. And also if you are making use of a threadless fork, you will also require a threadless headset, not a threaded one.

A threaded headset is the standard version when it involves headsets– it’s the most inexpensive, as well as it is likewise most often thought about for “entry-level” scooters. This piece is important to the performance of your scooter, too. In a feeling, it is in charge of the feeling you receive from the methods you do– the much better the headset, the better the feeling.

The headset allows the fork to turn, and a top notch one need to be smooth and also silent, revolving a full 360 levels for steering and also performing different maneuvers.

Threaded headsets are utilized in mix with threaded forks and are generally made from steel. They are not as smooth neither as quiet as the threadless equivalent, which is a lot more frequently made from light weight aluminum as well as must have birthing mugs that are currently mounted into television, resulting in a smoother fork rotation (source).

The last point you desire when you are midair is a headset that doesn’t change or turn well, as well as if you purchase an inexpensive professional scooter, that’s exactly what you are going to get with time. With that said in mind, buy a threadless headset together with a threadless fork– you will not regret it.


The appropriate deck is fairly perhaps one of the most essential pieces of your scooter. Comparable to a skateboard deck, scooter decks been available in various sizes, forms, and also styles. Both the length and also size can differ, in addition to the concave of the deck itself.

A standard deck is one item that consists of both the deck and also the head tube. It is the component that all other parts are built around. It needs to give you a healthy feeling as well as performance, as well as it needs to be able to withstand a little bit of abuse from tough riding.

You will intend to search for a rather lightweight aluminum deck while additionally very long lasting. The size will certainly rely on both your height as well as your riding style. Some pro mobility scooter bikers choose a shorter deck for faster spinning and navigating.

A longer deck can commonly be extra comfy and supply more balance, however. When it pertains to the weight of the deck, for many bikers, the lighter, the much better. It produces simpler technical methods. If you are larger in stature or stronger, a much heavier deck might be suitable.

At the same time, do not sacrifice top quality to achieve lighter weight– that is where the products made use of to build the deck are essential. It likewise needs to be strong. Numerous high quality decks can also be made from heat-treated alloy, making them stronger as well as longer-lasting while additionally guaranteeing a top quality, lively coating.

An additional aspect to think about when taking a look at the deck is the width. You can get a larger deck or a narrower one. A wider deck will permit a better ride down rails and also walks, while a much more slim, thinner deck can occasionally be both lighter and better for certain methods.

The deck is one of the most individualized item on your mobility scooter. Some decks consist of choices to equip, or they come with detachable deck ends, allowing you to change depending upon your riding design. There ought to be a vast array of colors as well as styles readily available if you are looking at top notch decks– ones that mirror great workmanship, as well.

Once again, these are all personal preferences and also ones you’ll be able to select based on your riding design. Yet don’t give up high quality for rate when it involves your deck.


There are 2 components to the wheel on your scooter– the urethane or polyurethane exterior section and also the core. You desire good, high quality wheels on your pro scooter that are made with an aluminum core or the newer hollow-core modern technology. You must not buy wheels made with a plastic core.

Plastic will certainly not withstand feats and also tricks, and also they will break much more quickly. Remember, the wheels are mosting likely to take on the force of pressure throughout touchdown, so the stamina of the wheel is paramount. You also want wheels that provide an excellent hold to lower as well as get rid of any kind of unintended sliding as you ride.

You can look for the “durometer” of the wheel, which is a dimension of exactly how tough the wheel is. It is also made use of to highlight the urethane surface area residential or commercial properties– the lower the rating, the even more hold the wheel will certainly have. The greater the ranking, the even more speed the wheel will certainly bring.

Like the sizes and shape of the deck, the wheel’s particular dimension comes down to individual preference. While larger wheels will certainly allow for faster, smoother rates, the wheel’s size additionally relies on the fork on your mobility scooter, and also you need a correct fit. Scooter wheels are typically in between 100– 125 mm, with 100 mm and 110 mm being the most usual.

A lot of beginner cyclists and entry-level scooters will have 100 mm wheels, while advanced pro scooters need to have 110 mm wheels or larger. The smaller sized the wheel, the lighter it is. Smaller wheels will keep you reduced to the ground, which is suitable for beginner bikers. On the other hand, bigger wheels permit more momentum as well as are generally paired with a bigger deck for a lot more aggressive pro-style riding.

Similar to the style of your deck, the majority of wheels come in a selection of layouts as well as colors, and also if you are considering premium wheels, you ought to anticipate the options to be a lot wider.

Choosing the Right Pro Scooter

Having actually gone through a few of the vital parts to a professional scooter, the primary takeaway is that materials issue. What you are spending for when you purchase a high-quality mobility scooter is the material utilized to make each component– the less expensive the product, the less costly the mobility scooter– and also the quicker it will break.

Bear in mind, an economical pro scooter will inevitably cost you a whole lot a lot more in the long run. The expense of needing to change mobility scooter parts frequently, specifically wheels and also decks, builds up– as well as it adds up quick.

Don’t be excessively concerned with the ahead of time cost of scooter parts or a well-crafted, completely set up mobility scooter. It’s just extra effective to purchase a high-grade scooter upfront at a greater cost. It will certainly conserve you cash over time.

As we have actually pointed out, you can go about doing that in 2 ways– either get a pre-assembled, total scooter, or you can tailor your scooter, developing as well as developing it from its various part.

The advantage of personalizing your scooter is the ability to control each aspect, from the handlebars to the wheels to the fork. You can select custom-made items, customize your mobility scooter design and style, and also ensure that each aspect is of the best.

Nonetheless, building your own mobility scooter is no very easy task, and also it is something that you’ll likely want to hold off on doing up until you are a seasoned motorcyclist. You’ll also need unique devices to construct it and also a mutual understanding of what components you need as well as just how they mesh.

If you have actually been mastering tricks on your pro mobility scooter for some time, though, as well as you intend to buy a new one customized to your specific choices, there are a lot of mobility scooter building contractor devices as well as overviews online that will certainly aid you to make the right decisions. There are even companies that will certainly develop your personalized scooter for you. Remember to look for high-grade materials in each component.

Due to the fact that it has a great deal of movable items, even the best pro scooter can break– besides, a method scooter is utilized for a severe sport, and it is a tool that, while designed to endure stunts, is not undestroyable.

To look after it well, prevent water and also sand. Don’t keep it or ride it under humid or damp conditions. If you see loose parts, tighten them before you ride, as well as maintain the wheels and bearings lubed to maintain your mobility scooter running efficiently.

Once you have actually discovered the ideal pro scooter, take it to a local skatepark for your very first ride, or look for a new one in “The most effective Skateparks in the World.”

Final Thoughts

It is vital to purchase a top notch pro mobility scooter. Remember, a cheap one will cost much more in the future, and you are more likely to obtain hurt riding it.

Mobility scooters are one-of-a-kind because while there are several different designs and kinds, so picking the right one is crucial. A conventional kick mobility scooter is not a pro scooter as well as needs to not be utilized therefore. An inexpensive professional mobility scooter, to put it clearly, is not mosting likely to last. Invest much more in advance and also obtain the quality you are paying for– a sturdy and also resilient mobility scooter.