Intro to Electric Bikes – What They Are & How They Work

What are electric bicycles?

When a person listens to electrical bicycle, the initial picture they think of may be a mobility scooter or electrical motorbike – yet they actually look pretty different. Simply picture a routine bicycle, then include numerous electric components to it like a motor, a battery, and a controller– all effortlessly incorporated into the design. These items make up the basics of all electric bikes on the market!

How electric bikes work

Electric bikes pedal and also manage just like a regular bicycle. Mostly, an electric bike will use the very same parts too. The electric part is implied to boost human power, not completely replace it. It makes barriers like hillsides and headwind extra convenient and also allows you to take a trip better without getting as weary.

See our layout for an extra detailed look at how electrical bikes function including the motor, battery, drivetrain, and billing process:

Choosing the best electrical bike

Comfort and also top quality of the elements are still as important on an electric bike as they are on a routine bicycle. Today, there are a few more things you need to take into consideration.

The motor

Electric bike motors been available in a variety of power ratings, from 200W to 1,000 W or even more. The legal limit in the United States is 750W, although various states can set their own restrictions.

Think of this restriction sort of like horse power. A greater score indicates that the bike will certainly have the ability to pull even more weight with better simplicity– however at the expenditure of using even more battery capacity while doing so. Consequently, a 750W electric motor will certainly drain the battery much quicker than a 250W one, yet it will certainly be more powerful.

Another factor requires to be taken into consideration, nonetheless. The design and also place of the motor plays a crucial function in just how electrical bikes work.

One of the most usual kind of motor for electric bikes is called a center motor. It is usually incorporated into the back or front wheel. When engaged, it draws or pushes the wheel along. Although this system works well, it has one essential downside. Since it is not connected to the bike’s equipments, it loses efficiency on hills and also varied terrain. Envision driving an automobile in just one equipment the whole day. It will obtain you locations, but it will not offer you the optimal quantity of torque or speed that you get with a complete equipment variety.

At EVELO, we offer a trademarked mid-drive motor, which is integrated with the crank and the equipments. This includes numerous benefits:

  • Increased efficiency while spending much less battery energy, since the mid-drive motor uses the bike’s existing gears;
  • Better hillside climbing power, because you can switch equipments depending upon the incline; and also
  • Handling is boosted, given that the motor is located closer to the ground, maintaining the weight focused and also reduced.

The battery

Considering that the battery impacts the weight, design, and also variety of the bike, its selection is critical. Batteries play a huge part in just how electrical bikes function. The majority of the batteries you’ll discover supplied on the market fall into one of the following two classifications:

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)

These batteries were as soon as the conventional battery kind for a lot of electric scooters and also electrical bikes. These days, the majority of electrical mobility scooters still utilize SLA batteries, while electric bikes (which commonly need human input) have selected more recent battery innovations to keep the bike as light-weight as possible.


  • Inexpensive


  • Hefty as well as cumbersome.
  • Offer a much shorter riding variety.
  • Much shorter life expectancy of regarding 100-300 full cycle fees.
  • Require extra upkeep, and also require to be charged right away after usage.

Lithium (Ion/Polymer/Manganese/ Etc.).

These are the newest technology in batteries. A lithium battery has a life time approximately 2-3 times that of a RUN-DOWN NEIGHBORHOOD battery. Lithium batteries are much lighter as well as also are mostly maintenance-free.


  • Lightweight– high-capacity, 36V10Ah Lithium-Polymer batteries can consider as low as 6 extra pounds!
  • Offer a longer riding range– battery can take a trip approximately 40 miles in pedal-assist setting (or 20 miles on throttle-only).
  • Longer life expectancy of about 800 charges or 3 years of virtually daily usage.


More pricey– starting at about $1,500 to $3,000 and above.

The controller

Offered in a range of designs, the controller allows you run the electrical help on your electric bike and is a vital part in exactly how electrical bikes function. The controller is located on the handlebar for ease of use. There are 2 major designs of controllers– pedal-activated as well as throttle-based controllers.

Pedal-activated systems use electric support as you weigh down on the pedals. There is no demand to involve a throttle– basic pedaling will suffice. Electric bikes with pedal-activated systems have a controller installed on the handlebar that lets you adjust the degree of assistance that you obtain as you pedal. You can call in the amount useful you want, ranging from no aid to a lot of assistance.

Throttle-based controllers collaborate with a basic throttle system. The throttle will either be a twist-grip type or a thumb-press kind. With a throttle, you merely draw back or push the throttle to receive the electrical support. Some electrical bikes need absolutely nothing more than triggering the throttle, enabling you to ride without pedaling.

Typically, electric bikes are easy to use, ride, as well as maintain. In general, they call for little upkeep past that which a common bike needs.

How do I operate the bike?

Electric bicycles are designed to be really simple to operate. As a cyclist, you have three modes of operation offered to you:.

Pedal Only

Any time, you can pedal an electrical bicycle just as you would certainly with a routine one. There is no extra resistance produced by the motor, so it will really feel exactly as a routine bike would. Depending upon the version you acquire, your bicycle will come either with a 3 equipments or 8 equipments or an unique NuVinci ® N360 ™ internal drivetrain that offers you with limitless equipments.

Pedal-Assist (sometimes called Electric-Assist).

In this mode, you can make use of combined human plus electric power. When you activate this setting using the on/off switch on the handlebars, the motor will carefully provide electric power as you pedal. You can still change equipments as the terrain adjustments to take advantage of even more torque or faster rate. It’s an incredible feeling to use pedal-assist setting, as it makes biking simple and easy, squashes out the hills, as well as frees you to simply enjoy on your own and also the landscapes.

Pedal-assist setting offers 3 degrees of assistance: Reduced (30%), Tool (60%) and High (100%). The percent merely indicates how much extra power the electric motor will certainly give to enhance your pedaling. The reduced setting includes an additional 30% of power to your pedaling, while High basically increases it. A simple press of a button changes you with the different levels.


This modus operandi permits you to relax and also pause, as you let the motor do the job. To utilize “electric only” setting, simply twist the throttle located on the left handlebar as well as you’ll really feel the electric motor begin and also move you forward. Keep the throttle relied on proceed along or release if you prepare to begin pedaling or wish to find to a quit. Please note that because of Federal guidelines, the full throttle in electric-only setting is restricted to 20 miles per hr.

Do I need a license to ride one?

Electric bikes are still a relatively new idea in the US, so there is a great deal of complication about just how the legislation sees them. Federal regulation considers electrical bicycles in the course as routine bicycles, provided they meet two conditions: (1) the full throttle in “electric just” mode is 20 miles per hr; as well as (2) the electric motor power must disappear than 750W.

EVELO electric bikes fulfill both of the federal demands. We top the top speed in “electric only” setting at 20 miles per hr, although you can of course go much faster on your bike with pedal power if you want. Our electric motors are ranked at 250W, which is well within federal restrictions.

Consequently, electric bikes do not require an unique enrollment, permit, or insurance policy to run. Moreover, they appreciate the exact same advantages as routine bikes, such as being permitted to travel in readily available bike lanes.

However, various states have their very own special needs pertaining to electric bike use. While a lot of comply with the government lead, some do differ. If you have inquiries concerning how electric bikes operate in your state, you can get in touch with us as well as we’ll point you in the instructions to discover extra info for your state. For your very own personal security, we recommend safety helmet usage as well as lights as well as mirroring equipment, even if the legislation does not especially require them.