Garmin vs Wahoo Compared

Garmin has been a pioneer in the field of any technology that pertains to general practitioner modern technology, whether it’s bike computers or smartwatches. However as you can see we’re doing an head-to-head between Garmin vs Wahoo to figure out if this prominent brand still has what it takes to leave its competitors behind and for all time be remembered with awe by enthusiasts worldwide –or just left there unappreciated among unfinished projects while they wait on new technologies from other companies.

Garmin and Wahoo both have lofty goals of being the best in their industry, but which is better? As you can see we are currently putting them head to head.

Garmin vs Wahoo: Let’s Find Out!

Garmin Edge 130 vs Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt

It’s a tough choice. The Garmin Edge 130 and the Wahoo Bolt are both popular devices for cyclists, but only one can be crowned king of the set! So what could make you decide? Let us find out more about these two contenders to see which is your best bet.

You can do more than track your bike ride. Track everything from runs to swims with the Wahoo ELEMNT Screw! Runners, bikers and swimmers are in luck because this durable device has tactile buttons that work on navigating functions like LiveTrack, Climb as well as Workout. And unlike other devices which are so small you need a magnifying glass just to read them while going uphill or biking fast-forward speed limits – no worries about sun glare here either thanks to its wind resistant design!

The Edge 130 was a popular choice among our testers but we found it too tiny to use on bikes without gloves (or when riding up hills). The display size increases from 3 inches diagonally to 4 inches – perfect for reading all those stats while still providing an easy-to-install design.The Bolt’s large screen is crisp and also bright enough, so even if you have trouble seeing things in general, or are taking this computer into the dark with headlights reflecting back at your face as you ride through traffic down Hollywood Blvd., then rest assured that these bike computers will not let you feel left out of any important data! The three button interface allows riders quickly cycle through menus, choose functions they need without having to remove their hands off the handle

The Elemnt Screw has a battery life of up to 15 hours, which suffices time for short trail rides. However, if you enable Strava Live Segments or use maps that are not detachable and handy in size like the ones found on the GPS unit’s screen then your batter will be drained quickly. We also love how flexible this device is when finding our way around – its adaptable and detachable maps allow us room for error so we never get lost!

The Elemet Screw is incredibly helpful when it comes to navigating our trail rides. The detachable maps make for an easy and flexible experience, which we love!

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  • You can easily set routes using the easy-to-use buttons
  • It’s compatible with iOS and Android systems and devices
  • It comes with a built-in mount and an Aero design
  • Offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ANT+
  • The battery is decent


  • You need to pair it with a smartphone in order to operate this computer
  • It doesn’t have a touchscreen functionality


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Next up we have the reasonably portable and portable Garmin Edge 130 with its wonderfully developed framework and the traditional black-and-white aesthetic. It just considers about 33g which suffices to house the 7 control buttons that it has without compromising your capability to store it and lug it around. You can anticipate to get about 10 – 12 hrs of battery life out of this tool with normal usage while a lot more effective usage can yield as much as 15hrs of operation time. Nonetheless, if you wish for longer battery life than what is offered by default then there are aftermarket chargers available on Amazon!

The Garmin Edge 1030 is a small, yet powerful bike computer that can calculate your heart rate as well as power. The 1.8-inch black and white display with an ample screen has premium pictures so you’re able to see the information on it without difficulty no matter how bright or dim of a day it might be outside! It’s also got plenty other cool features such as being able to change its brightness depending on what time of year we are in (or when Daylight Savings Time starts). There really mustn’t have been any question about whether this was going to make our list – the vast majority builders know for sure that they need at least one good bicycle gadget like this guy if they want their customers riding safe all season long!

A more interesting summary would be to say that Garmin has top quality components like the training course, range, rate and position of your bike with optimum precision. Prior research in comparing Wahoo vs Garmin showed Side 130 had upper hand but now it’s clear for navigating a new trail on their own section you’ll want a GPS enabled device from either company!

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  • Comes with GLONASS, GPS, and other useful systems
  • It has a compact design with a lot of features that you’ll actually find useful
  • It comes with easy-to-use buttons
  • Features a relatively large 1.8-inch screen that is easy to read


  • This isn’t the best navigation device out there
  • It has a black and white screen instead of a color one


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We found that the Garmin was not as versatile and designed for serious cyclists, while the Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer is perfect. It’s easy to use with an aerodynamic layout and a battery life of up to 20 hours!

Typically when you go bike shopping there are two big choices: The Garmin vs Wahoo models. However after some testing we discovered something fascinating…

The tracker is made to withstand the elements and an excellent way to track your objectives.