Road Bike Tire Sizes: An In-Depth Guide

Bike tires are possibly the most crucial elements of any kind of roadway bike under $2000. While your bike traditionally comes with manufacturer-provided tires, at some point you will certainly require to change them. On face value, the concept of buying bike tires may appear like a quite simple and also straightforward thing. But more often than not, lots of bike owners often tend to get it incorrect, specifically when it pertains to road bike tire dimensions.

Each bike has a defined wheel dimension. In essence, you are anticipated to get tires that fit completely to the edge equally as you would certainly purchase roadway bike saddles that fit you. The fantastic news is that bike sizes are standardized so you don’t need to do challenging calculations to determine the suitable size for your bike.

Whether you’re trying to find a normal dimension bike tire, an ISO size, a 27″ tire, Euro Dimension, or even 700C, we are going to provide you the info in this article that will assist you discover precisely what you require.

Traditional Road Bike Tire Sizes

Sizing systems for roadway bike tires are entirely based upon the tire’s outer diameter. Nonetheless, it’s still vital to think about the edge dimension when picking the most proper tire dimension. Different tire producers have actually implemented various standardized tire dimensions to help you make a decision what jobs best for your bike.

We are going to have a look at these standard steps as well as what they mean.

ISO or International Organization for Standardization

As you can most likely guess, ISO represents the International Organization for Standardization. The ISO tire size requirements are most likely the most globally appropriate and also they are based upon a really straightforward premise. ISO tire measurements are based upon the width as well as the diameter of the tires.

Tire Width

The tire width is likewise very crucial in establishing actual road bike tire dimensions. You will certainly discover that on the sidewall of your tires, there are two measurements separated by x. The initial dimension is frequently the diameter, which is fairly larger as well as the second one is always the size.

Allow’s say, for instance, a tire with a specified size of 700 x 23. This suggests that it has a diameter of 700mm as well as a size of 23mm. The width figures out the call surface area in between the tire and the road. Fundamentally, tires with a fairly higher size spec often tend to be a lot more steady and would supply better walk contrasted to those that have a smaller size specification.

Commonly, ladies’s road bikes have three primary width specifications. They include 23c, 25c, and also 28c. Please note that the “c” in the width doesn’t represent centimeters. The dimensions are still in millimeters. The “c” is generally consisted of as part of old French-based category systems however has obtained absolutely nothing to do with the real width measurements of the tire.

So, exactly how do you find out the ideal tire size? Well, it relies on your riding requirements. For those of you that will certainly be riding on harder terrain, choose 28mm.

Racers who favor rate over anything else, a lower width of 23mm is very recommended. However, for the excellent balance in between comfort and also performance, 25mm need to do.

Tire Diameter

The size of the tire is a crucial factor in determining dimension category. Most of the times, the actual external size of the tire will vary from one tire to the next based upon several aspects such as the tread pattern. But there’s a remedy for that.

As opposed to using the external diameter as a basic procedure, produces may determine to use the inner diameter in order to offer users much more standardized road bike tire dimensions for which you can make use of a bike tire stress gauge properly. You can discover diameter dimensions on the sidewall of your tire.

The width of the tire will certainly additionally be included with the size as well just to give you a clear image of just how large or little the tire is.

28 vs. 29-Inch Road Bike Tire Sizes

It’s common to find tire sizes defined in inches. One of the most commonly utilized choices are the 28 and also the 29 inches.

Yet what’s the difference between the two? Well, in a lot of European nations, the 28-inch tire is seen as the traditional alternative for auto racing and touring. It’s also one of the most frequently utilized tire dimension in a lot of European countries.

29-inch road bike tire sizes, on the other hand, are fairly current as well as are more frequently discovered in American mountain bikes. The distinction in requirements may not be felt if you are riding on level surface areas. But on more difficult surfaces, you’re more probable to have an easier time with a 29-inch tire than a 28 inch one.


Getting a high quality tire for your bike for negative knees isn’t always an easy thing yet you just need to understand what the specifications mean.

A good regulation would certainly be to consider the specs on your previous tires and also purchase exactly the same point. Yet you can utilize the overview above to offer on your own a brand-new riding experience with new tires.