Yakima HighRoad vs FrontLoader Bike Carrier

No matter if you need to drive for a couple of hrs or numerous days to get to your destination, you must bring your bike with you as it’s a considerable investment. Nevertheless, the prospect of taking apart as well as saving your bike for the journey can be frustrating. That’s why today we’re evaluating 2 of one of the most preferred bike installs on the marketplace: the Yakima Highroad vs FrontLoader.

These bike installs are wonderful at making it possible for bike proprietors and also serious bikers to take a trip with their favored item of outdoor recreation devices effortlessly. Read on to discover even more!

Yakima Highroad vs FrontLoader Reviewed

It is essential to keep in mind throughout your expedition of this comparison guide that both of these are unbelievable options to choose from. But there are specific separating functions that are worth highlighting as you’ll see below.

Without more ado, read on to figure out what the very best choice runs out this Yakima Highroad vs FrontLoader battle.

The Yakima FrontLoader is an upright bike provider that’s designed as well as built to take care of sturdy bikes that are frequently also huge for traditional bike racks.

It’s made to bring all kinds of different bikes from hill and also BMX bikes to everyday travelling bikes and also bikes that have thru-axles, complete suspension, as well as disc brakes. It can additionally deal with bikes with tires that come up to 3 inches, and also wheels as big as 20 inches to 29 inches.

The excellent aspect of FrontLoader is that it doesn’t require you to dismantle the bike before you pack it onto the rear of your van or truck. You can just affix it onto the system and also have comfort knowing that your bike is safely and also firmly secured onto this place.

The install needs a certain type of roofing rack with a cross spread dimension of 16 to 48 inches which is a rather wide variety. Once again, you don’t need to always mount or assemble this install due to the fact that all of that is provided for you by the producer as well as you do not need any kind of unique devices in order to install it.

This install is likewise ideal for those individuals that are truly picky concerning their bikes because they have a custom-made paint task or are made from relatively vulnerable products like carbon fiber. So, you can feel confident that this mount will certainly allow you to safely travel with your bike without harming it.

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  • Keeps the bike safely secured in an upright position
  • Allows you to effortlessly store your bike into the mount
  • It’s designed to handle all types of different bicycles
  • The manufacturer assembles it for you so that you don’t have to
  • There’s no frame contact mechanism required to keep the bike in place


  • It’s quite long


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While there’s no scarcity of bike racks out there, many included a hatch that makes it challenging to really pack the bike onto the install. What sets the Yakima Highroad apart in this Yakima Highroad vs FrontLoader contrast is the fact that the former is distinctively made to offer better loading.

Some of its notable functions consist of a streamlined tray which assists to reduce the quantity of hatch disturbance as you’re loading the bike onto the install. This makes it a lot less complicated to load the bike to begin with as well as you don’t need to fret about the wheels jangling around or anything like that.

It’s worth keeping in mind that this bike provider has the capability to handle mountain bicycle and also road bikes alike, and it can deal with 26 to 29-inch wheels. Mentioning which, this bike shelf does not need you to readjust your tires at all that makes for a much more practical mounting process.

The place itself holds your bike with a practical no-contact mechanism that protects it from dings and scrapes as it raises it from the ground, making it ideal for customized bikes and also models made from carbon fiber.

For the very best outcomes, it’s advised to use a roofing shelf that gauges 18 inches as well as 35 inches in order to efficiently install this Highroad on top of your car.

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  • T-slot compatible
  • Comes with a no-contact mechanism
  • Features a low-profile tray
  • Comes with a quick tightening knob
  • It’s already preassembled


  • There have been complaints about the cable lock being fragile


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What to Pick Between Yakima Highroad vs FrontLoader?

As you may have noticed in our Yakima Highroad vs FrontLoader comparison, these mounts are made by the exact same maker. Nevertheless, every one is rather unique as you can see in their names.
Right here are some of the distinct elements of both the FrontLoader as well as the HighRoad bike install:


The FrontLoader is a versatile bike rack that you can make use of to mount any type of bike onto your automobile. It can handle tire dimensions of approximately 3 inches, and wheel dimensions that go from 20 inches to 29 inches.

The HighRoad, on the other hand, can just accommodate wheels that determine 26 inches to 29 inches. This means that it’s not as functional as the former version as well as can not suit as many types of different bikes.

Yet, it deserves noting that the FrontLoader can just handle tires that determine 3 to 4 inches, while the HighRoad is compatible with a large range of tire dimensions, from 23 millimeters to 4 inches.


As many Yakima FrontLoader reviews have actually revealed, this install can be made use of on a lot of roof racks. In fact, it has a broad installment series of 16 to 48 inches which is rather excellent.

On the other hand, the HighRoad bike rack can just manage roofing shelfs that gauge in between 18 to 35 inches.

This means that the FrontLoader is a preferable choice for bicycle riders that have bigger automobiles such as durable trucks as well as vans.


You may have likewise seen that thanks to the HighRoad model’s integrated tightening up handle, it’s considerably much easier to make use of than the FrontLoader.


After taking a keen look between the Yakima HighRoad vs FrontLoader it’s pretty clear that the champion is. Can you guess?

Yep, it’s the YAKIMA FrontLoader Wheel-On Mount Upright Bike Service Provider. We selected this bike provider because it’s convenient as well as easy to use, and also it includes specific attributes that make it simple for you to travel with your bike safely.

It comes pre-assembled for your benefit, it’ll maintain your bike raised to stop dings and scratches, and it’s ideal for carbon fiber bikes while making certain that the custom paint task on your bike remains the same while you drive through the countryside.

Another terrific attribute of this bike carrier is that it’s great at maintaining your bike in an upright position, and also it can handle all kinds of different bike sizes, styles, and types.