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For decades, millions of people have used cruise bicycles as their main means of transportation for many reasons. First, they are a cheap means of transportation. With one, you don’t have to worry about the large amounts of money that taxis charge in major cities. They are also versatile. You can access most areas without problems. Finally, they are a good form of exercise. If you don’t have money to ride one of the best home gyms, buy a cruise bike. As you travel to work, your body will also do the exercise you need so much.

Cruiser bikes, beach cruiser or beach bikes, have nostalgia embodied in their design of thick lines and wide wheels. Its popularity skyrocketed on Californian beaches in the mid-twentieth century, where they were used by surfers who needed sturdy and simple bicycles and also allowed them to pedal to the beach.

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The frame of the cruisers is wide and solid and sometimes with double upper tube. Some classic and some modern models are adorned with a kind of tank that resembles a motorcycle tank. Hence, for some time this type of bike received the nickname of “motobikes.”

Its geometry is quite comfortable and allows a position with the torso completely erect with arms and neck relaxed. It is very easy to control and hence it was an ideal means of transport for surfers who controlled the bike with one hand while holding their board with the other.

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Advantages of cruiser bicycles

  • Its geometry is super comfortable
  • They are very resistant bikes
  • They have very good control even with load
  • They handle very relaxed

Disadvantages of cruiser bicycles

  • They are not fast bicycles
  • They are uncomfortable on long routes and with slopes
  • They weigh more than other types of bicycles
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Materials: When buying a cruise bike, the first thing to check is the material in your frame. Because it supports most of the weight of bicycles, make sure it is as sturdy as possible. Although companies have found many alloys, steel and aluminum bicycles are the best . They support both physical and environmental abuse well.

Size: The size of your cruise motorcycle of choice must be accurate. If you are looking for a bicycle to go to work, do not buy one of the small teenage-sized brands for stunted growth. A solid brand that guides the body naturally will serve you the best.

Handlebar / Handlebar: The traditional handlebars of these bicycles are straight in the center, with curves that extend towards the rear of the bicycle. The shape of the handle makes them quite comfortable and allows you to control the bike without having to extend your arms too much.

The wheels: The cruiser are characterized by wide tires, minimum of 2 ″. One of the most common measures is 26 x 2,125 ″. The wide tires give them great stability and vibration absorption although it makes them heavy and slow.

Speed : Single speed cruise bikes are affordable and relatively easy to drive. However, due to their standard transmission trains, people have to make a great effort to climb hills or explore steep terrain. Multi-speed bicycles are different. You can customize your performance to suit the environment you are exploring. Compare the pros and cons and buy the best.

Conclusion : Cruise bikes are perfect for work. They are also suitable for exploring beaches or parts of them during their free time. For the best experience, look for a durable bike with a comfortable and easy-to-use design. The marks that orient that body naturally are also suitable for long-distance driving.

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Bicycles are for summer. But not just any bike. The cruise especially. Its simple design, large wheels, ease of handling and the possibility of adapting some baskets to transport objects, are enough arguments for you to take into account if you want to have a practical, economical vehicle that needs little maintenance to go to the beach. Or excursion to the neighboring town. Visiting the neighboring villages when on vacation is a fantastic way to spend time and not let your routine beat you.

These bicycles were born to cover a need, that of surfers who wanted to move to the beaches in California, carrying the board in one hand and handling the bicycle with the other. The cruise model offers precisely comfort and simple handling to those who need a bicycle to cover short distances of flat terrain. If you go out of your way to climb mountain passes, it is clear that this bicycle will not work for you. However, they are ideal for that group of friends who like to picnic in the countryside or spend the day sunbathing in the sand. In addition, the possibility of attaching a basket, in front of the handlebars or behind the seat, gives you the opportunity to comfortably transport the lunch box and drinks.

It is true that they are somewhat heavy bicycles, to go on a cycling tour or to enter the forest tracks are not useful. Nor will you find them suitable for speed racing with your friends. A quiet walk while the breeze refreshes you and you contemplate the coast and you get the marine fragrance. Or to go to errands to the town. It’s as simple as riding your bike and going out with your basket attached to the handlebars.

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